Snoop Dogg

"20 Dollars to My Name"

[Intro: Snoop Dogg]
Damn a n***a only got 20 dollars sh*t
Check this out

[Verse 1: Snoop Dogg]
n***a 20 dollars to my name
Deep in this dice game
I dust off my knees
I f**ked off two g's
Nothing left to do, but buy some shells for my Glock
Why? so I can rob every known dope spot
I'm having hard times, grit, and grind
sh*t I'm trying to get mine
Ain't nothing to lose plus I'm living on the frontline
It's a cold twist the way that sh*t goes
Gotta keep your hands on some motherf**kin' fetty yo
And keep a down b*t*h for when your money run out
And get you gun out
And shoot'em up 'til they come out
I'm blowing in the wind
It feels good my friend
Silkk brought the Gin & Juice and my n***a chipped in
I'm amongst killers with a dub in my pocket loc
A drug dealer at the same time I love to smoke
But if I wasn't in this rap game
Would a n***a Snoop Dogg have 20 dollars to my name
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