Snoop Dogg

"My Heat Goes Boom"

[Verse 1]
Another day another dolla
For the top dogg with the gold flea colla
n***a make the whole dogg world wanna holla
The way they do my life and I'm steady tryin' to do more right
So trife your life could disappear
And if you ain't careful who you f**kin' wit n***a
Now reappear come here come near so you can hear what I spit
So sick and tired of n***as standin on that "G" sh*t
And just because you on starz wit some khakis
And think your rap style can out rap me and now jack me
Come here n***a slap yo self
Thats probably why yo sh*t still sittin' on the motherf**kin shelf
And mine sold out ever since it came out
Blue carpet roll out, #1 no doubt, mo' clout, down south, mixin' it up
With dem n***as that don't never hesitate to bust
What you n***as tappin' on my front door for?
Hmm, oh you lookin' for yo ho? (you heard)
We in the hotel room doin' the zoom
And let me let you know n***a my heat goes boom

And my heat goes boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom
And my heat goes boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom

[Verse 2]
I'm back on the scene, chopping green, captain on the team Call me commissioner n***a so just listen up
Look like you bored and our boy's bridges
He hangin' wit dem n***as but dem n***as straight b*t*hes
Left a n***a hangin' at the club when it was scrap time
Then a week later gave him a shot on in a rap line
Now they in a New York rap time
Rapper turned snitch, now you livin' on a main line
Money's too tight to mention but let me mention
When dem n***as in da kitchen find out he's snitchin'
They gon' get him, and when his homies find out he's snitchin
9 times out of 10 dat n***a gon be b*t*hin
(you know what) you know what? Transformin' is switchin'
And oh yeah informin is snitchin
But I ain't one to tell you ain't heard from me
I'm just an MC tryin to stay sucker free
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