Snoop Dogg

"DPG Unit"

[Intro: Snoop Dogg & Supafly]
Doggy struck a match and the match went out
G-Unit, is in the motherf**kin house

Oh sh*t! (DPG) Yeah, haha (What, what)
It's the motherf**kin DPG-G-G-G-G Unit!
Can you believe it? (Believe it)
On some gangsta sh*t (Gangsta gangsta sh*t)
Y-yeah, on some gangsta sh*t (Gangsta gangsta)
Straight up n***a, check this out right here though
Check it, check it out, check it, check it out

[Hook: Snoop Dogg]
Doggy struck a match and the match went out
G-Unit is in the motherf**kin house (DoggHouse)
You keep talkin sh*t, I'll put my gun up in your mouth
My gun up in your mouth, I'll show you what I'm 'bout

[Verse 1: Snoop Dogg]
Sit back, kick back n***a 'fore I click-clack
Dig this, I did that but I can't admit that
n***as want some get back, I know it so I get strapped
Suckas took they laws off, these hoes want my draws off
Cuz tried to foul me, but I had to steel back
In fact when I hit him, he was bloody in the bilz-nack
His buddy tried to peel back, but I had to kill that
Real n***as from the turf, sh*t I know y'all feel that
We won't talk, ain't no need for that (f**k that)
The word on Snoop is I'm a G for that
A 'G' for what? f**kin n***as up with no talkin
See the best way to leave a n***a's off in a coffin
And now I'm back on the set and I'm walkin
I done it so clean, ain't nobody even talkin (Shhhh)
It's like flippin a b*t*h, I'm Crippin with this
I'll f**k around and have you n***as missin and sh*t

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