Snoop Dogg

"Gangsta Luv"

[Intro: Snoop Dogg]
Radio Killa, Big Snoop D-O-dub
Aiyyo nephew, why don't come up off them keys
And sing a 'lil somethin for the ladies

Yanuhtalkinbot? Let 'em know how we feelin right now

[Hook: The-Dream]
Everytime I come around, shawty love me down
Run up on me like click-clack, the gun out like take-that
She make it do what it do
When we doing what we doin in the back of the 'Llaaaaaaac
I'm like come up off of that
And every night her body get stacked
That-that-that gang-sta, gang gang-sta
That gang-sta, gang gang-sta
Gang-sta, gang gang-sta
That gang-sta luuuuuuv

[Snoop Dogg]
Yeah, she love it the way I put it on her
Blowin trees, summer breeze, sippin Coronas
Boss Dogg, I give it to her right, and she like it
She on the hip like a Sidekick
Is he, one of the coolest of fool on the flo'?
I whispered in her ear, "C'mere, you're ready to go?"
I rolled up a winna and put it up in the air
Got that lil' dress on, you comin up outta there, yeah!
She like that -- you like that?
You say you bite, well I bite back
And I'm all go, we can do it 'til tomorrow
I beat it up like Harpo
Snoopy, I go hard baby, yes!
Kissin on ya chest and I'm diggin out your stress
I won't stop 'til you're finished
But you ain't felt love 'til a gangsta get up in it
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