Snoop Dogg

"All The Way (Pimp Hop)"

[Produced by Statik Selektah]

[Hook: CharlieRED]
If you gon' go, darling, go all the way
I wanna see
Listen, baby
If you gon' go, darling, go all the way
I just wanna see, baby

[Verse 1: Snoop Dogg]
Step right in, come on down see you's a bad girl
And I'mma put you on your knees then your back girl

I burn you out, I flip you out, I turn you out
And show you 'bout some freaky sh*t that you ain't never knew about

Yes sir, you know I heard all about you
I'm here to re-route you, need to see what that mouth do
Virgin-a-listic, imperialistic
I got a t-shirt full of your lipstick
Go down, boo, go ahead and kiss it
I'm about to explode don't you miss it
A whole mouth full, don't be scared and don't be bashful

One more question that I must ask you
Do you like or love it when I smash you?
Bring your girlfriends cause you have to
Now go away and get it, now bring it right back, boo
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