Snoop Dogg

"All For You (Remix)"

[Hook: Lana Del Rey]
You, it's you it's all for you
Everything I do, I tell you all the time
Heaven is a place on earth with you
Tell me all the things you wanna do
I heard that you like the bad girls, Honey is that true?

[Verse 1: French Montana]
Made it lost it came back flipped it
Always faded, lifted
Hit that corner whipped
Hit the dealer, whipped it
Always on it, mind your business
I'm always high, the sky ain't the limit
Ball like Melo, cars all tinted
Chain black and yellow, Pittsburgh Steelers
Sport it knocked it tossed it flipped it
Took my flow and switched it, took my dough invested
Your whole life is scripted
All we do is party, drinkin', molly raggin', shawty raggin'
Money come retarted huh, press the button start it up
Tryna be a dope boy ridin' with a coke boy
Strap with the low boy 50 for a show boy
n***as made it rain I made I it snow boy
Started with a dollar and a hope boy
Now a n***a hot got millions in the bank
Crib on the water spend a milly on the tank
Montana piece look silly on the link
Montana and Wiz spend millys on the dank
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