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Snoop Dogg

"Dogg Pound Freestyle Session"

There's a lot of people out there that be talking all that
But I could kick a fat fat type of known rap
See, when you talk all that, you know I like to show up
n*ggas think they cocaine, knowing that they blow up
Peep where I come from, so you know it's on
Because I brought these nuts, cause I'm all above the law
So when you see me stepping, understand I like to flow
The Pound, Dr. Dre, we equal Death Row

Now you know about me
The D to the A to the Z
S-N-double O-P, D-R-E
That n*gga, um, Doctor Dre
So we say like every day
Now it's that P-O-U-N-D, uh

Kurupt is the name that they call me
I flow and I flow with the Snoop Doggy Dogg
As a n*gga make bigger waves, I start flexing
When n*ggas start stepping
Grip with my Tec and Snoop, kick it

If you're wicked, wicked I kick it
Slick and not with them condo hoes coochie, won't you lick it

[Snoop Doggy Dogg]
It's like this
I don't eat them hoes cause I'm just so smooth..
Break the beat up for me..

Motherf*cking Dr. Dre's on the piano
Snoop Doggy Dogg is on the vocals and I swing like soprano, ano
And gano -- oh my god like Obano
It's Snoop Doggy Dogg, he's on the mic, you understand it, yo
When I be growing, I be flowing with the gangsta sh*t
I don't be flowing with that punk-ass punk sh*t
I go for riz-eals, the reals is what I kick
And when I step into the house, I'm gonna hit you with the gangsta..fat hit
It just don't quit, like I told you
So let me have the microphone so I can slowly fold you
I told you, mold you, scold you like some water that's hot
Heat it, beat it, Snoop Dogg, you can't defeat it, delete it
I'm so smooth I don't have to dis you on the camera or the TV screen
I'm funky like some collard greens
I told you peoples, my sequels, they don't be bumping
It's Snoop Doggy Dogg, I'm down with D-R-E, see he's from Compton
And I'm from the L the O the N the G
The B the E the A the C the H an'
And Cali is the state an'
Don't be waitin'
Cause I'm not hatin'
I'm just on the microphone and I ain't perpetratin'

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