Talk dat $hit

Snoop Dogg

[Intro: Kokane & Snoop Dogg]
Alright now
Talk that sh*t to me
Tell like it is my n***a
Talk that sh*t to me
Talk to me 'cause I'll talk back
It ain't my fault yo' girl fell in love with a gangsta meth
Now that's for all the gangstas
Talk that sh*t to me!

[Verse 1: Snoop Dogg]
Peter Piper picked and pimped and played the game with passion
Made power plays with paper while they folded like a pamphlet
Protectin' my progression, politickin' for the p
Glad to number Doggystyle, "Deep Cover" was the three
Polarizin', prophesizin', I'ma put us on the map
And prolly bussin' down the B- L-U-E [?]
Countin' payment with the pushers, pocket rocket for the pussies
Playa tried to play me, I left him bleedin' in the bushes
I'm like a pigeon with precision, soggy sh*ttin' from the top
Piggly wizley's on petrol, tryna pop us at the party
Partner, please, we just posted up, and plottin' on some paper, mane
Just popped a pognac, and b*t*hes probably what I'll pay to bang
Paper [?] paper plane
Still I play the game, but they won't ease the pain
My homies passin' earlier, and they 'posed to
Pop [?] the most powerful Crip to ever throw up gangs on a posta

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