Snoop Dogg


[Snoop Dogg]
You know sometimes in my rhymes I just feel like I has to
(Do what?) Give ya something to mash to (all right)
Cuz you know I'm the master superb superior
Interior attractions, I'm maxin' relaxin' in the penthouse suites (suites)
With seven hoes at my feet
To dress me, caress me, to lead me, to guide me
Protect me, affect me and love me, don't stress me
You wanna roll on some jet-skis?
You wanna roll up some green weed?
I got the key to whatever you need
As we proceed
We a long way from LBC
But that's what you get when you f**k with the P-I-M-P

I came through just to scoop you up, to Snoop you up
And tap that booty up

[Nate Dogg]
Taking a ride (right on)
On the East Side
Made a right on MLK (fo' sho)
What a beautiful day, what a day, what a day
Ridin' high (right on)
On the East Side
Looking for a hoodrat today
Don't you wanna come out and play
Come and play, come and play
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