Snoop Dogg

"Black and Yellow"

[Verse 1:]
I live a better life
Catch me out, Every night
Meet her once, Maybe Skype
Plus I only f**k them twice
Only rules that apply
We don’t cuff them, Let them fly
If she think there’s better things
That b*t*h in for a surprise
Light a candle, Prayer vigil
Another rapper dies
Trying to steal my flow
Must have thought I was blind
I see your videos
Youtube’n’ lil hoes
b*t*h ain’t even Georgia code
That’s your girl, I ain’t know
Watching Belly on the iTunes
n***as barely on iTunes
Only moment is if I’m featured on it

I heard his rumors when I’m in the room
Just cuz a man starving
Don’t mean he eat and drink the same water
Motha f**kas got social problems
Online got ya feeling brave, Don’t it
I’m paid homie
f**k the myths, I’m the sh*t
Lyrical I can get
But what’s the sense
When it’s for cents, Double dollars
With a hit, stop the bull sh*t
No cows walking, But she stupid thick
Ass like a donkey, Shout out Wiz
But I don’t smoke
But you could still watch the Benz roll up, ho

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