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Snoop Dogg

"Don’t Do The Crime"

[Chorus, snoop singing]
Don't do the crime if you can't do the time
Don't do it

Fell off into a party in the cpt
n*ggas looking at me strange
But I'm up on the game
I ain't f**king with them n*ggas no mo
sh*t, I feel the same way y'all feel
n*gga, f**k death row (ha ha)
I cut em loose, send em juice
With visine in their cup
Catch em slipping, all my homeys get em stuck
It's the tale of a whale locked in a cell
On the streets he was the heat cause 'cause had major mail
Had his homeboys plugged, wearing gold chains
Hanging at the studio, splurging and thangs
n*gga f**king off money, saving them hoes
F**ked off some money of mine
And bought me a white rolls
Living on wilshire in a penthouse suite
F**king bad b*tches seven days a week
Colder than a motherf**ker but now I'm hot
Floss me a brand new suit from dionne scott
I guess I'm balling now
Money falling down
I can hear them movie star b*tches calling me now
Doggy dogg come and get with the pg
Mr. calvin broadus could you please come and see me
But I ain't tripping, I'm just dogg pound cripping
Talking big sh*t and in a bulletproof dipping
Make my own beats, so f**k y'all too
And I'm down with the n*ggas from the you know who
We get to the point
Blaze the joint
Step into the party and holla at everybody
As long as the gin get mixed with juice
And the five on the crap game gon hit with deuce
sh*t n*ggas gon be n*ggas so n*gga, n*gga what
Just because I'm having paper don't mean f**k
I once was in the same predicament you was
Thinking to myself "damn should I kill 'cause? "
But I know deep in my heart

Two wrongs ain't right
And it started from a fist fight
I only got one life to live
I'm trying to see a grandfather with some grandkids
You dig?
I'm trying to live long like my hair
Put the sh*t down, like fred estaire
I want to share my world
But how the f**k can I share it
Everytime I throw you something
You look at mine and compare it
Man, it's a cold shame
But it's a cold game
I ain't make the rules to this game
Look, all I know and all I do
Is try to come through with something new
Banging for you
So whatever you do, you like it or not
Because when your sh*t play out
I be back on the dope spot
My grandpappy once sat me in his lap and he said
"son get your money like that" (get your money, man)
I sit alone in the zone
Face of stone
Live the live of al capone
A don corleone
Casually casualties, fatalities
And all kind of funny looking n*ggas coming after me
Funny, it's got me dodging, dipping, slipping, and sliding
Eastside up, eastsiders cause we riding (eastside up)
This is portable something to f**k with your ear
Doggy dogg will appear to make it sound so clear
I f**ks it up, like I always do
And that's a trick
I'm saying some sh*t
To make the b*tches want to suck my di*k
See it's an everyday thang
Communicating to y'all with the dogg pound slang
Back up in the house and we just don't stop
Call ya mama, f**k her fat, call the motherf**king cops
Hit roccs, yeah, you know what? you know what
They told me like this

[refrain x 2]

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