Snoop Dogg

"Panties Off"

I see your lips quivering
But you ain't saying a motherf**king word
Now, what you need to do

Baby just take them panties off
Let me get inside that pu**y slow
Give it to you with an understanding so you know
I love stroking with big daddy
I leave that pu**y wetter than the ocean
I'm drinking, smoking with that potion bust that pu**y open
I notice how she shiver I deliver her the d**k
She get inside that thing
That's when she gag it
f**king with the baddest b*t*h
With super ass and lips
With them birthday suit
See now what the birthday is?
Lead to orgasm the three and me
Lights on, lights off, f**k her in the dark
Never stop, stop, stop
A five hour in train
Bout time that I be finish that motor be on E tank
I fill her back up with that 93 octane
I ain't yo n***a or yo husband or yo boyfriend
You call me I call you that hello kitty wanted
Texting or email it I'll be all up on it so
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