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Ace Hood

"Live Life (9.)"

Nation, uh

Hello, I am new to rap show me around
I heard that a conscious mind is "not allowed"
n*ggas in the bleachers talking out of bounce
I can see the zombies walking through the crowd
Some of y'all need ya volume turned down
Your pedestal burned down, it all be worth while
Never undermine integrity first, vow
Most of y'all couldn't audition for Motown
You bought another chain and watch, oooo wow
Meantime, in between times see the decline
Recline for some me time, throw the peace sign
I'm beast, I'm off the leash
Shine, on my napalm
Hit the city, I move calm
It's too long, I been missing for too long
See I moved on
Barry Beast (bury me) with two stones
I’mma icon
Houston, we have a problem
Cheetah with the focus I’m lurking until I spot him
So you knowing just how I’m rocking
I’m from the bottom
Pull up with them fancy pieces on my collar
My homie bought a broom-a-zoom, He Harry Potter
Make ‘em get to sweepin’ the room, they gotta mop it
Grown man biz, you dig you outta pocket
Blessings overflowing, I’m knowing they won’t block it, uh
OMG, I like to eat beats, I’m woke in these streets, give hopes to my peeps
Million dollar mind, on a autobahn
Life just a marathon, see you at the finish line, ooo
Wood grill semi with a green side
Working on album, appetizers in the meantime
Listen to a legend in the booth
I’m praying for a higher level truth than a punch line, ughh
Skipping n*ggas spots in the lunch line
Yell it from the gun shine
Pray to see the sun shine, (growl)
Name another King this hard
Physically and mentally a God
You can hold onto applause
I be moving through the odds
I ok the mission with a nod
Go and seek and you will find
n*ggas hear [?] VT, I got a Dodge
Want to see my n*ggas stay alive
Living life
Eating on a jet ski everywhere we go in life
Legends all around me and mine
Live the golden life
Me my girl my Queen
Baby we gone live life
Me and my dawg, my Wodie, my Wodie
My strive
We gone live life

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