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Rich Gang


(Airport background noise)
Takin' over for the... (?)

Women comin' out the woodwork tryna sell me how a relationship could work now
n*ggas comin' out the woodwork talkin' 'bout unity and how we all should work now
My day ones said "good work, n*gga keep pushin'. This is just your intro
It's gon' get way harder days get way longer
Some'll try to play hard you just gotta play smarter"
Had to clear my mind, took a trip to the beach
Phone in the lockbox, pocketed the key
I would've threw it in the ocean if it wasn't for my seeds
People want you close when they see you outta reach
I'm just tryna get mine first
Bein' patient and show you how time works
And once you get a little money, and give a little access
You'll see how a broke n*gga mind works
Focused on this chapter even though I'm gettin' booked
Life'll show you everything you missin' if you look
Used to couch surf, months without work
Always got up and left before they put me out first
Childish outbursts towards people that I care for
And I would've never did it if I cared more
Went and met Stunna and he said it's Cash Money
And Squizzy still wit' me, you can shake that ass for me
But after you back it up then stop
W-w-w-w-why you gotta act like that?
I mean they talk like we go back like that
I guess some people really wack like that
And they used to throw salt, should've kept it in they hand
Sprinkle on they records 'cause they sh*t is gettin' bland
And I ain't got rest in the last couple weeks
So somebody tell Bobby wake me up when we land
Sleep on the plane...

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