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[Verse 1: Rates]

So what to do with my time
Mend my broken ties
So many hopeless nights
Tokin' and smokin' pipes
Standing at a crossroad
Go straight, I hope I'm right
Had my party time, now it's business
Ain't no joking eyes
I learned to grow inside
You heard it left my past behind
But I can feel it catching up
No pause and it's a fast rewind
Time to meet my maker
Now only defeat can break ya
Prayed and said I'd change, won't stay the same
Don't know if we can take ya
Aren't ya meant to be the saviour?
Why'd you go and turn away?
Stuck in an urn, unconcerned as I burn in flames
"What aren't you learning Rates?"
"You have to put the effort in"
I tried and I survived and now I'm putting that on everything
Maybe with my words, I could be a person of influence
Whatever you're doing, abusing, trust me I was into it
Hey, you need to walk away
Your life is more important aye
While I'm recording all these thoughts, it's time to throw it all away

[Hook: Rates] x2

I thought that I would stay behind
Maybe I could change your mind?
Blazing on a pipe will send you crazy 'till your brain is fried
Wait up, straight up
Victim of your hometown
Think you need advice, I'm saying maybe you could slow down

[Verse 2: Rates]

All your f*cking mates do it
Sucking on that sweet puff
Trust me, you don't need that sh*t
Soon you're acting heaps tough
Physically impaired, you can't swim when the sea's rough
Keep it up and live beneath the ground before the leaves touch
A message for my listeners
As the pipe glistens it hissin' like a serpent
Gotta serve it like a prison stick
But f*ck that, you can break the chains of addiction
'Cause every toke of every pipe and every rock is made different
Wait in the car and watch the office on a Thursday
Break the safe and take the pay that was meant for your work mates
Now you're stoopin' way lower
Your mum's on her way over
You're taking her money, she's in a Terios not a Range Rover
You push away your friends and you think that they can't help
You need to persevere 'cause you're the master of your dark world
It's past 12
Im sitting up still writing this
And I can f*cking say I'm f*cking happy I ain't high as sh*t

[Hook] x2

[Verse 3: Rates]

An epidemic that's deadly and fillin' cemeteries
Youth with an appetite for drugs like a secondary
Country in denial, denying that it's gettin' heavy
Proof is in the picture
Will it hit ya or forgot the memory
They turn their back on the junky with the stash to burn
If they gave him help he wouldn't raw as much for cash to earn
But they need to tax you first
The dealer, he ain't paying that
So they're unconcerned, nothing to earn when you're blazin' that
If you needin' help you need to breathe it, just believe yourself
You can be the person you need to be
I've seen myself
I needed to say, "Wake up before it's too late"
Just dream of the place you wanna be and then you'll do great
Your life isn't worthless, you're finding a purpose
You're caught up in a cycle, if you fight it, it's worth it
You want respect?
I guarantee you get respect then
Give yourself respect just to show you don't respect them

[Hook] x4

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