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[Verse :1]
Scribble it up, attitude like not given a f*ck
Rippin the mic like every single night, not given it up
I will kill for the thrill and a bit of the fun
I'm f*cken' nuts go inside like i'm destined for it
This time of the night man its best to ignore it
Stress less when I press record get my thoughts out
Was a mess before
But i'm set for war, keep on talkin' out ya' mouth
Be rest assured I won't rest til I spread blood on every wall
Ain't talkin' in metaphors, you split first hit like a tennis ball
sh*t line heard that before
Snap then I bash and smash the walls
Walkout the house leave an axe at the door
Temper is snappin' not az' anymore
This ain't a tragedy this is just actually part of my life
When i give into gravity fall on the floor with a force
And the porcelain breaks i just laugh in insanity
Cd drops go buy it at sanity
Check it out now hey wats happening
b*tch suck my di*k when i'm driving travellin'
I won't lie girl you fly like javelin
What have ya' got b*tchgirl' yeah your swaggers hot
You wanna party wid' me suck my di*k and go n' bash some cops
Wanna come and do a stick up with me girl and spend it large
We only gonna have them greenbacks f*ck a credit card

I'm f*cken wild still who said I changed now?
What you thinkin' for a second Rates Would lay down?
I'm f*cken laughin' at em far ahead so slow me down!
Obviously if you don't know me that well then you know me now!

[Verse :2]
I'm spillin' it raw, I feel I am killin em all, I was the biggest prick of em al'
I'd bash the other kids if he didn't give in, or just give me the ball
Things that I thought about were, getting an earn and i'd walk around hurt
Nothing to do but, my ground work thinking to rort
The skinniest kid of em all, kick with my shins n a shiv in the ribs and you fall
Get in a brawl since i could crawl, ready for war you hearin' my call
I'm floatin' with this flow i'm rappin' like a drummer hits
Precision technique rappers couldn't f*ck with this
You thinkin' of callin' me out? you think I ain't workin' you out
You think that im sh*t when i've written up hits that are splittin' ya' wig
When I spit this ridiculous sound
Other crews we kickin' you out sittin' you down shoutin' out how it is
You couldn't live how I love sniff the f*cken powder b*tch
Funny how they turn into some hoes and then get out there tits
When rates or kerse' about to jump on stage or about to spit
A maniac with rappin' attackin' all of ya' thought up patterns
Shouldn't of left me here alone with myself of course i'm snappin'

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