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"I Rap Because 2"

[Intro: Rates]
Yo, Rates, check

[Verse 1: Rates]
Thought of the goal and the reason why I still write these tracks
Cause I ain't one to quit, I guess I give my life to rap
How generic, I'm guessing you think, but let me explain
When I started, this rapping sh*t was expressing the pain
Only spit to my bro and I'd show the best to my mates
Hand me a pen and a page and tell me to mess up the game
I thought f*ck it, I'm going hard, I'm not lazy, bro
Choked on my first freestyle on the radio
I went home and wrote a track and it was crazy, bro
I had them shivers when I wrote it hoping Jay's at home
So I could spit with Jay and Kers and show I had this crazy flow
Hoping we could make a track together then away we go
Up in the clouds, I needed money, thinking stupid sh*t
Boys so f*cking red, I heard that other crews are moving in
Focus on the music sh*t drugs I was abusing them
Everybody worried, getting violent, think I'm losing it
Back to the rap and I went and dropped a track 'I Rap Because'
We were pumping jobs, I had to stop 'I Rap Because'
You'd think I'd drop a mixtape or something but nah, nah
I'd f*ckin' fight but these c*nts would think I'm half-assed

[Hook: Rates] x2
I rap because I let my hate go, no
I attack in my raps [?]
Am I ever gonna change, no, no
I rap because my tracks are catching in full

[Verse 2: Rates]
I started writing more, but I was lost
I was trapped seeing all these other rappers, man they're wacker
Know we better than them and I should clean my f*cking act up
Maybe I could get a record deal cause I don't have one
Maybe I should walk away and sink in but I felt a buzz
Every time we rap, man that's a wrap, they never dealt with us
My mental health was declining, you can tell that I'm trying
I saw the stuff I was writing, come and help me to find it
Wrote a track I called it 'Nightmare' and I showed Scott
This was my life, this ain't a story and there's no plot
Wasn't gonna drop it, he told me I had to show James
And Boobs was tripping, he said to drop it cause it's flame
I got no shame I aired my life to the world
And then I got a good response and changed my life in this world
I went on tour with my bro, and everything was paid for
Man we spent some money, yo these other rappers ain't raw
Get up on the stage I can't explain what I was feeling then
Had the crowd chanting back, no one as real as them


[Verse 3: Rates]
I kept writing, never bored, this is all I know
All I know is to write a track and then record my flow
I feel the urge and this passion for rap performance slow
I'd give my life for this sh*t, it's more than audio
I did my debut album in only seven days
Topped the charts, forced Mac Miller into second place
Still I had to hear these wack rappers up on Triple J
Press it to the host, and wow we're glad that Kerser getting played
You're kidding me, and I ain't even get the f*cking crew involved
Will this f*cking label even tell me what my unit's sold?
Then I had some money come in, I bought a new car
Trippin' on the Xannies, crashed the f*cker going too fast
I'm in a maze, I'm in a cloud, everything goes slow
I'm in a place, I look around, I smell the smoke choke
On the fumes and the dust of a hell that most won't
Comprehend until their time is coming so close
I feel this white light, this force man, it's no ghost
Is this epiphany, a dream man this is no joke
There's no one there, I need something to do I'm in a state
I lost contact with myself, how could I ring a mate?
sh*t was real, that music's real and it still my fate
I had these waves of motivation, people feel my rage
So many tracks recorded but I was lacking performance
You hear that when I'm talking, all the raps I was scrawling
Were so wack I ignored them, all the drugs we used to f*ck with Were attacking our organs as if that was important

[Bridge: Rates]
As if that was important
As if that was important
As if that was important, what


[Outro: Rates]
I don't rap for applause, I rap to hack your thoughts
And I don't rap for sl*ts, I don't rap for packaged drugs
I only rap for the love, man, and that's a buzz
I don't rap for applause, I rap to hack your thoughts, I rap to hack your thoughts
And I don't rap for anything other than love and that's a buzz
I Rap Because

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