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"East & West"

[Verse 1: Don Q]
From the East to the West
From the West to the East
Ain't no peace where I stay
So I invest in the piece
Hear it deep in your breath
Hear the stress when you speak
It's so much death in the streets
Pouring Henny on the ground for the homie while he rests underneath
Unconditional love my n*gga
Get it in blood, my n*gga
That's what the ritual was, my n*gga
I was a younging when I was thugging and it was because, my n*gga
All of the subs, no mean mug, the wrong way to rub, my n*gga

[Verse 2: Tsu Surf]
Caution tape will make the set hot
360 from a neck shot
Missed a couple on the first street
We hit 'em all on the next block
Born here so we gotta bang
She ain't an opp, but her father bang
S dong came from Johnny Dang
Bought the rentals and we worked in it
From a mama and she twerked with it
Block wet, say Surf did it
Stand for it, better die bout it
Them opps out, don't play with it
Hate to hear 'bout another body
Better stay home or stay with it

[Verse 3: Mozzy]
Yeah, cold-blooded like amphibian
Cowboys and Indians
Damn, Blood 'bout the dividents
You ain't never been in them predicaments
Killers claiming that they innocent
Lil homie and them been a b*tch
The boys blurb, been a b*tch
Better run with it or we finna stick
We the reason that the bity lit
You see how every n*gga with me lit
From Section 8 off of 8th Ave
Now a n*gga rent fifty-six
b*tch lit for the Fendi fit
b*tch lit for the last flight
Talking bout its a hit a miss
Then what you hit her for last night?

[Verse 4: Tsu Surf]
Front b*tch in the bluest coupe
Gucci can't, but this a Louis boot
Small clique, but we goofy proof
Say you gang, better shoot 'em too
n*ggas hating, that's a fan base
n*gga talking, that's a fed case
Dead n*ggas, no dead weight
Headshots and his head break
Two friends, let me f*ck 'em both
Duck and wreck, got his cousin smoked
f*cked up, heard the cousin told
n*ggas softer than a butter roll
Down payment on my mother home
f*cked up, heard the cousin told

[Verse 5: Don Q]
Yeah, the roaches in, I went by majority
Stay in your place when you order me, n*gga
Who the f*ck gave you authority?
Hundred b*tches strong coming with us, look like I just joined a sorority
Your expectations ain't supposed to be high when you a minority
It's a priority, take off your shoes when you in the car with me
I got a any that give me the mud, I'm cool with the pharmacy
I got new moves that you didn't use when you n*ggas guarding me
Make sure you mention that n*gga a legend when regarding me

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