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[Verse 1: Chance Fischer]

[Verse 2: Sammus]
So you got a bag
With some heels in a size nine
Wow, pop a tag
Big deal, here’s a high-five
Quick n*ggas feel me
I’m bright like a highlight
So I’mma rap about
Some real sh*t in my life
I’m awake, getting dressed
Even though it’s hard to plan
Upstate got me stressed
So I grab a cardigan
TI-83 plus in the backpack
A big screen on the front
I graph math
Hoes in a class that I passed
It’s a flashback
Don’t be staring at me mad
Like I passed gas
I got my headphones
Blinders on, ready, set
And when the bell gong
I’ll be gone, headed back
At the crib, write a paper
Then I send it in
Do a favor, cue the mic
I’m ‘bout to get it in
When I finish up
I take a sip of hennessy
Then I let that Sammus record
Spin and spin again

[Verse 3: Sammus]
I told you once I’m a fly nerd
Don’t forget it
This semester I’mma grind hard
Twenty credits
I’mma give you a reminder
Don’t forget it
I’m a vernacular designer
Now I’mma let it
Sink in, you’re a kid in the adult swim
Go home, be alone like a Culkin
I wouldn’t play
You might get burned like a Bunsen
Spittin flame
From your girl like I’m Dhalsim
Got a brain, keep my wallet in my pocket
Only big lames let they money do they talking
I ain’t playing no games if you faking I’m walking
If you getting low grades, my walking become jogging
I turn away shut ‘em down like they Firefox
They will never get my name or a time slot
But brainy babes they can come and play at my spot
Yup they can stay ‘til it’s late like it’s I-hop

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