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When you need to reset
It means that you grow
'Cuz living is a thing that
Your wings can't control
You deal with the blows
The hills and the lows
So when you get a lemon
Plant a seed and let it go

My computer in my arms
Then it fell and it hit the pavement
I come through to tech support
And now they tellin’ me they can’t save it
Every beat that I had made
My vocals all erased
On my knees and now I’m praying
I don’t go and catch a case

Somebody pressed the reset
I guess so I could reject
All the he said and she said
That was giving me some feedback
When I lost my presets
Jesus I was seasick
But losing everything was exactly what I had needed

Had to hit the restart
At first I didn’t think it was really life like it’s VR
Hit so hard I thought I was flying cuz I could see stars
Wishing life was something like driving so I could detour
Crying like I’m Ee-yore

Didn’t see a blessing
Silly me I was foolish
Instead I started cussing
People telling me to cool it
But He was simply testing me
To see if I could do it
And now I found the best of me
But first I had to lose it


Matter’s not created
No it’s only reimagined
So what matters is how creative
You are with what you have
And we be feelin' like we Sisyphus
But listen it’s not to good to stress
And let the things we cannot change
Possess and get the best of us

I can’t accept defeat, yo, I’m far too gifted for that
I rested for a week, though I knew I had to get back
To making all these beats no more stress about the setbacks
Laced up both my cleats so my kicks is sounding kick-ass

You can achieve it all if you want it bad enough
You can be Ethan Hawke blastin' outta Gattaca
Or you can lay in the dark locked up in attic
But I'mma stay flexin hard watch me as I power up

Mama used to say
Rome didn’t grow in a day
I feel the pain but it all gone dissipate
You can play it safe
With your store bought Minute Maid
But I prefer the taste
Of my homemade lemonade


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