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Thought I got a little real estate
On a couple blogs
But now I can tell the real and fake
I’m still an underdog
Im hardly getting cheddar
Steady snacking on Velveeta
It’ll prolly be a minute
'Til I’m stackin up Doritos
Half these b*tches want to test me like a lady brand new
Checkin' messages has got me racing off the handle
Want a couple instrumentals pay me and I’ll send you
Nah I ain’t environmental paperless I can’t do
And that’s a big scandal cuz they steady be like "Give us free"
I’ll give 'em back everything that they be giving to me
I’m clockin 20 hours
To reach a rough draft
Holla when you get some dollars
I’ll send a bounce back
Nah I ain’t money hungry
My stomach really growling
I’m on my grad school hustle
Tryna be selling my talent
These n*ggas acting puzzled
Like my request invalid
You wanna flex that muscle?
You can go toss up my salad

But you can’t have my gift
You can’t have my gift for free
If you can’t handle it
You can catch eternal zs
b*tch please
f*ck you talking 'bout x2

If artists make good work
It's important that you purchase
To keep em feeling determined
In they purpose on this earth
It's some n*ggas undeserving
Inexplicably they earning
They tell me I be wearing Kermit’s color on my person
But I’m just being earnest
That ain’t really where I’m coming from
If I had that thirst Why I’m barely asking for minimum?
Want a couple pesos
For my rent for breakfast
Just a space to throw my Eight-ohs
Over which I’ll lay my message
Leggings to hold my J-lo
Shirts to cover up my breastsess
Ten percent I’ll pay to church
The rest I’ll spend on my textbooks
Assigned by all my professors on the daily read a hundred pages
The music helps the stress it's not about the money making
But when I drop the heat you acting like you can’t afford it
Don’t let me see your feet I know you rock the newest jordans
Just watch if MTV come walking up to ring my doors
It's gone be my enemies that got the words on every chorus


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