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"Pillow Talk"

Sex all night
She text all day
She already feeling some kind of way
"We been knowing each other for twenty three weeks
Do you want to be lovers? Cuz I'm knee-deep"
He nervous
Other girls' curv-es
Make a n*gga want to forget about her-ses
But she perfect
When he get her shirtless
Then he want to bend her over like cursive
When he horny
Then he have a sordid affair
With a shorty 'til he get bored
Then it feel like a chore
He let her know
Tell her when to go, E-40
Next morning
Finna hit the main b*tch
So he send a text
She ain't say sh*t
But "I got nothing left
You were faithless
And I took offense
By the way
I'm getting back with my ex"

Bang bang
She losing focus
Acting wild while he going bogus
But after while she can't help but notice
It's pillow talk that's how it go it's...

Bang bang
She losing focus
Acting wild while he with his hoes
It's getting child
It's pillow talk til n*ggas notice x2

Got a new gig
She on her way to Cali
Got a new di*k
He work her out, Bally's
When he move in
Then she gotta go to Sally's
Get her do fixed
He got a thing for Halle
Best friend told her
When you get a new boo
Listen you gon' need to follow two rules
Shoot first and never got shot n*gga
Do worse but never get caught with him
She want to hit the club
Straight to the back
Sit on a lap and sip on her yak
Then her homey want to hit it raw dog
Beat the kitty up like a n*gga Balrog
Time's up club close was it worth it?
Nine months she alone giving birth
In eight days doc tell her something wrong
Her child got AIDS and he get it from his mama


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