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"Rap [Mario Kart]"

I can't leave rap alone
We go together like a gun and Al Capone
n*gga we go together like Quran and Farrakhan
Spitting hotter than the weather in the amazon
I'm tellin ya'll
I had a fella but he started getting fed up
We tried to make it better work it out like a sit up
Gave a wedding ring but he said I had to let go
But I had to rap and sing he got jealous and we split up
When I heard the beat I had to write a verse
Within an hour I had written every single word
Every single noun, preposition, and the verb
I always tell my n*ggas it's a blessing and a curse
Worse I can never get a regular job [Why?]
My boss irate he be telling me off
Then he cut my pay and he tell me so long
I was coming in late yeah I'm writing a song n*gga

Say word I rap 'til I die
Hey birds bye step to the side
Say word I rap 'til I die
Hey birds bye step to the side
You better go hard fight with all of your heart
Cuz I'mma go far like it's Mario Kart
Say word I rap 'til I die
Hey birds bye you can step to the side

I can't leave rap alone won't do it
When I don't rap life stinks like sewage
When I don't pursue it
I lose it like the petals on a tulip
In the winter time if you choose not to move it
I rap so fluid you can't help moving
That's okay baby I would do it too
If I heard my verse on the beat
I'd move like water
When it's flowing through the Suez
And ya'll get what I'm talking 'bout
Since I never dumb it down
Unless you never get around
I give a bar my heart like a wino
Start each bar then I part on a high note
So when a hum-drum geek wanna rap
I really want to act Chun-li on his ass [wow]
You can slide to the left with your stupid song
So good-bye if you rap about your louboutins


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