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Definitely if you disrespecting the B
Best believe she will not be --- [laughter]
I am definitely too cool
I am the coolest in the school
Definitely know
You cannot offend me ho
I am not amending my thoughts
That's pretending yo
Definitely I'm not a f*cking phoney
Cuz some of ya'll n*ggas definitely need a Tony
I don't gotta talk about swag
Definitely cuz you don't ever really have to ask
We just made a song on the word "definitely"
And now we got you doing the j*rk
Definitely -- these are just a couple of perks when
You're definitely ill with your verse
I'm winning
See the definition of first
Definitely I just put this track in a hearse

We defi-definitely
We definitely
Put this track in a
We defi-definitely
Yo we definitely
Put this track
Put this track in a
Hey alright

(Joe Kleanest)
We defi-definitely
We def-ahhh
We definitely put this track in a hearse
We definitely
We defi-definitely
We de-definitely
Put this track in a hearse

VERSE 2 (Joe Kleanest)
Yeah and man that's definitely
A lot of haters keep talking ain't affecting a G
Dude move it keep walking I ain't missing a beat
Matter fact kill the track that's definitely
I be where the pretty girls get naked for free
No I don't spend a penny girl you can take it or leave
Or take it I'm leaving yeah that's definitely
No need offspring Joe protecting the D
Ay my homey said he know where the easy cream be
He told me that's definitely
And normalaly I don't be chasing the dream
But lately been seeming like I'm chasing the green
But I don't chase a damn thing that's definitely
Matter fact it probably chase me -- effortlessly
I ain't running just chilling who cooler than me?
Prolly just Sammus but ya'll lame as can be


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