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"1080p (feat. Jean Grae"

[Verse 1: Sammus]
I’m kind of scared of the academy
I think that my parents are proud of me
I just wish I knew how to be comfortable here
I never feel like I’m allowed to breathe
Rubbing shoulders with these old nerds
Rockin’ sweater vests in they office hours
Eatin’ hors d'œuvres while I soul search
Tryna make some sense of the ivory tower
Feelin sober
Am I just a coward?
Or a poser?
I don’t really doubt it
Or a soldier?
Books in holsters
But the setting sucks I can’t fight the power
Cuz they write books nobody reads
For these white folks that they tryna please
Recycle all the right quotes tryna cite blokes ain’t my cup of tea
Eatin’ chex mix
Feelin’ helpless
I really miss my f*ckin’ ex, it’s
Such a mindf*ck
Cuz we never talk
Yet we still share a f*ckin' Netflix
And every day I apologize
To the poor kid that we never had
The emotion of the whole thing
Make me so sick
It’s f*cking sad
What you don’t get is how focused
That I had to be cuz you couldn’t provide
Mad at me cuz I’m losing my mind
Had to leave at a terrible time
Prednisone -- I can barely breathe
Now the pressure gone but I barely sleep
So I ring your phone but you don’t respond
Had to put myself in some therapy
Now my therapist, she take care of me
Like Sierra Mist things are clear to see
Now I’m seeing the world in 1080p
Yeah -- now I’m seeing my world in 1080p

[Voicemail from mom]

[Verse 2: Sammus]
Been a few months since the last verse
Since I called you bad words
I went ahead and got my masters
I trimmed the last of my relaxer
So my fro big
Got some more gigs
My cell phone says I’m roaming
Cuz I’m on tour
I want more
Forget home so I go big
I was taking pills up in the bathroom
Ended up alone in grad school
I’m Mario I busted ass but
My prize is sitting in another castle
In a tight spot trying to disappear
I would write songs for my friends to hear
I’m tryna keep my lights on
I’m a Nikon, now it’s crystal clear
Opportunity is at my doorstep
So I’m moving back up on the horse like
It’s the first time I ever wore specks
Now I do my thing like life’s a Rorschach
I see things nobody sees
Since my bee stings turned to double ds
I’m conceding
That my feelings
Is amazing
Now I’m lovin’ me!
I could give it up but where’s the fun in that?
Gotta live it up or you will never laugh
Life’s a box of chocolates with a lot of options
Gotta keep it rocking life’s a rumble pack
The first letter of your first name
Makes your name emerge when I search things
And it hurts me but I guarantee
That without you I’m a better me
Now I see the past with some clarity
Yeah -- glad I took my ass to some therapy
Now I’m seeing the world in 1080p
(phone rings) Hol’ hol’ up is this really Jean?

[Verse 3: Jean Grae]
Playing for living in the same space
Where lovers in bliss are the game changers
And when you consider the future him and you are never gon say you became strangers
‘Cause stranger things have not occurred and those would be the words that make you draw the drapes closed
Metaphorically and the window ones
Cause you had been the ones, binary codes
Now with age, you understand what loss is
The kind of loss that could fill you with monsters
Like mother's day when everybody's mom is at dinner on instagram and here you momless
You ain't a mom yet so every other goal don't even matter cause you ain't accomplished
And that's the concept your whole accomplice for life doesn't want, now you live in conflict
Finally finding your soulmate, having to choose cause it won't wait
"It" being time and age how bodies work
It's either now or never whole body hurts
Whole spirits dashed, whole souls gone
You could cling on to hope and just hold on
Wishing you knew how to build a flux capacitor you could switch the dates cause all along
I've been driven by love and work, my therapy the crux of words
And now that might just be just all I'm worth
(Sammus) Well I’m so happy that you’re on this earth
Your words have helped mad kids to own they turf
You're the hero Gotham needs and you deserve
Good life on the beach with a shady tree
For helping us see in 1080p

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