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Hypno Carlito

"IN MY FEELINGS (Feat. Bamsavage & Hypno Carlito)"

Yeah, ah‚ yeah‚ ah
Yeah‚ ah, eh
Ah, aye‚ oh no no
Stick, aye

(verse 1)
I need a perc
My feelings hurt
Missing my ni**as
That are dead in the dirt
Selling that foo
Like is dessert
Lean In my tummy
That sh*t makes me burp
She wanna f*ck
I don't even flirt
You wanna play
Lets play till you squirt
I'm trapping weed
She's trapping pus*y
She go to work
That sh*t really works
I pray to god I don't get hurt
On my mama wearing me on a shirt
I ain't going out I keep a Tully
Got me f*cked up I ain't dying by jewelry
Whole gun gonna rob a community
Bust in your crib like a scene of a movie
Those are my friends I don't let them consume me
f*ck the label tell them cracker come sue me

(verse 2)
She want my time
I want some money
I f*ck that b*tch
Then pass it to my homies
This n*ggas be lying
This n*ggas be funny
Till my tea make them head
Pop like a bunny
I come from the block
But I ended up in London
Young n*ggas made something from nothing

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