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"87 Mentality"

[Celph Titled]
I get A.D.D. when you talking auxiliary
Cause I done used it all shooting y’all, going on killing sprees
Do it with my own hands or I’ll send a drone in
Cause at my crib I got remote control murder components
Plus it’s a bonus the way I finagle the beam
Try to portray you a G but you really Avril Lavigne
I will destroy whatever’s your desire
Set ablaze my weed stash and it look like a forest fire
Avoid the riot cause me and my demolition team’s
Singing lullabies with the music made by an M-16
To wash my dirt off you need more than a luffa
Expose you to my sick disease leave you with more than a tumour
Abort your computers cause even with an antivirus
I’m a cripple you like it’s a blender with your hands inside
I’m a boss man slurping spaghetti
Ate ten burgers already and on a napkin wrote this murderous medley
Bayonet blade right through your tongue
It’s like I’m Megatron’s neighbour, I live by the gun


[Little Vic]
Check it, of all the cash dealings
Between brash feelings of past
Mass killings the norm, my last shilling was brass
They crash buildings in half massacre what’s wrong
Any rapper just trying to see the glass ceiling smashed
The world is my oyster, all I need is a meal
But [?] don’t need the pearls in the moisture
Yield only to a real girl I can hoist up
Rare like the 40’s out in Berlin [?]
Noise my poison but poised to bring my voice up to ten
My time I’ll 5’9 Royce ya
Native tongue with the pen leaves the ink up
Niña, Pinta, Santa Maria sinker
The world said go see a shrink or be a drinker
Wild bill with the quill you shouldn’t be a pinker tongue
It’s back to analogue the state of art
And what I gotta do to find a chick from [?] to play the harp
She dress razor sharp, the sex rated R
We stock up on orgasms till our next days apart
And she will dip so she’s feeling less faint of heart
I hit the stu’ and make a tune ‘bout her
And if they hearing it she follow me around like a moon shadow
Wonder why her groom doesn’t make the room rattle
She wants Ragnar, a Jaguar poor
This is my backyard pause what I ask y’all for

And as I sit at home here alone
Knowing what I should do
I find I can’t stay awake

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