Tragedy Khadafi
Channel 10
[Intro: Noreaga (Capone)]
(I'm feelin' this here) Yeah son feel it man word up son. You gotta just do
It yo. (C.N.N.) Yo word up it's a different channel son word up on watch
The channel son different plain now man. (It's all good) Word up baby all
Good in every hood. (Queensbridge) Word up you hood nawsayin'? (Iraq) Lefrak and alladat yo my hood word up gotta rep together son word up for
Life son. (check) Word up son let them know though son I feel you man let
'em know son

[Verse 1: Capone]
It takes nothin' but a hot slug to fill a villian
'Cause I'm about to make a killin'
Some weed to escalate the feelin'
I regulate the dealin' jealous n***as hate the feelin'
I stack my safe appealin' jake on my trace I'm peelin'
And with a MAC I had the whole f**kin' nation kneelin'
Embrace the wheel and hit a buck without crashin' f**k
My drug pa**ion got a n***a stashin' fast what
One love to Hillbillies, run forever out to Chile
Playin' the cuts n***a what can't stop the willy
Cops hara**in' n***as blastin' while the day' pa**in'
Time for action c*ck the mac what a satisfaction
Shoot laughin' slug caught up in the chest gaspin'
N***a blanked out chopped before he start rappin'

[Hook: Tragedy Khadafi]
Microchips in the celly the game don't stop (don't stop)
Tappin' in your bank funds with the laptop (laptop)
Wanna own a block before the ball drop (ball drop)
Arab Nazi puttin' hits on the cops (x2)

Noreaga talking:
Word up son f**ked up son word up Trag. I know you know us both man but it
Took the penal for us to click youknowhatI'msayin'? (yeah y'all met up
North) KnowhatI'msayin' we had to meet up north (know what's real about all
This though that...) What real about it? (we were young we strive we trying
To eat knowhatI'msayin'?) God degree (we got a lot of fake n***as out man)
7-3 and 12 jewels. N***as ain't bustin' that heat man. N***as just frontin'
Yo they ain't bustin' they heat they know who they is. (I'm tellin' my...)
Know who they is. (yo word is bond)

[Verse 2: Noreaga]
C.N.N. network channel 10 it's on again
Street n***as that's grown men
Bold face gat in your face stay in your place
Yo crime-laced, catch more beef than Scarface (x2)
Court case illegal minds too late
Back in '92 (you remember Juice son?)
I bucked toast and got locked General Emanuel
Cell block cold crop
Go bagged up weak by cream cop
(F**K THE WORLD) The way the world cold dissed me
Haile Sela**ie, Papi, locked with posse, call up Khadafi
Collect call from Arab Nazi, the Foul Mahdi
You relate in jail gate (what what, what what!)
Them new jacks they comin' through
Scared to death from the jail stories that's true
You cold weak, live life on the street
While locked up, homoed out with pink sheets (b*t*h n***a!)
Discrete, in your cell, shook to sleep
I wiled out, no doubt, 'til the day I'm out
Me personally, (what!) I did three kid you weak
Your station in P.C
Son f**k this jail sh*t so tell 'em about the streets son (echo)