Tragedy Khadafi
Juice Crew Allstars
Juice Crew Allstars
(Oh my goodness)

[Kool G Rap]
Kool G Rap, terrorist, metaphor a***yst
Fans I enlist and opponents I dismiss
Erase copy-catters, dissimulate data
Or data for greater for later or better
Dispel, expel, terminate well
You lift the barbells but you're still Cottonelle
I'm causin heavy breathin, at the top and never leavin
I'm not Starvin Marvin, but I get Even Steven
Chumps jump out their socks when my voicebox rocks
I'm a walkin Fort Knox with the strength of an ox
Marley Marl's on the cuts, sweet beats he conducts
All Sucker DJ's will self-destruct
Polo and G Rap, we will go real far
And that's why we're down with the (Juice Crew Allstars)

[Craig G]
I have the greatest reputation for rhymes that I craft
And destroyin all rappers that step in my path
So all you path-steppers, you better stop steppin
Cause I release lyrics as if they were weapons
Rappers start trainin, cause I be remainin
The rhymes that I state will stay in your brain and
You'll keep dancin, I'm self-enhancin
Got more rhymes than there's rooms in a mansion
So to my opponents this won't be pleasant
You were good in '86, but this is '87
It's time to react, put records on wax
My rhymes gain more than visual impact
Ears will respond to what I'm creatin
I'll be infiltratin with the rhymes I'm articulatin
Don't say I'm wack, that's not a fact
I could never get bust by an '86 new jack
Stay in your spot before you get rocked
I'm not goin for it, so rappers just stop
Please heed my message, this is your last warnin
Turn over a new leaf cause a new day is dawnin
So bitin MC's, you know who you are
My name is Craig G, down with the (Juice Crew Allstars)

The party doesn't start until I enter the place
And all ya MC's know me by my face
Now that you know me, why don't you show me
All the respect that you owe me
Everywhere I go I get a compliment
I guess it's the glamour that I present
Guys like my appearance and the way I rap
But they're too chicken to say they're on my strap
I know they're in love with the way I perform
Because I bring a sunshiny day from a rainstrorm
They love my voice, they know I'm their choice
My raps and my beat are equal the poise
They never reject anything I say
They receive it and believe it cause I don't play
When I rock up on the mic I'm bound to go far
And Glamorous is down with the Juice Crew Allstars
[MC Shan]
Never say a rhyme that's less than hoopin
Beauty queens are the girls I'm scoopin
This is just a small rap representation
Down with the Juice since the basic foundation
Blinded to the sight, to the touch I'm scorchin
Rhymes so def that they're worth a fortune
Bullet-proof sneakers, a bullet-proof vest
Killin like a villain from the old wild west
Write one rhyme and for years you run it
I sit and write a rhyme, when I'm done get blunted
Come see our show cause it ain't like others
We roast, don't boast and we're close like brothers
You better hold your girl when the Crew walk by her
If one of us is skeezin we just might try her
If you wanna step to us there's no half-steppin
Just say the words and choose your weapon
It's time for me to go, I'm at the end of my bars
MC Shan and I'm down with the Juice Crew Allstars

Woke up one morning, I became an MC
To protest this matter and always agree
Cause if I ever caught a biter I will enforce
Cause I'm the chief executive, that means I'm boss
Similar to a beast on an MC rage
Any MC I'll admonish on and off the stage
Spreadin fear across the land like a nuclear reactor
Measurin the radius like a protractor
MC's label me as the mic manipulator
My brain is the bomb, my mouth is the detonator
Merchant navigator of the seven seas
With the mic in my hand I mutilate MC's
See, the wit of my rhymes calculate to a sum
Queensbridge Projects is where I'm from
And I'm a (Juice Crew Allstar)
[Roxanne Shanté]
Juice Crew Allstar is who I be
And S-h-a-n-t-e is the t**le for me
My gift of gab qualifies for everything that I do
And that's the reason why I'm here just to tell it to you
Why I'm a Juice Crew Allstar, best believe I am the best
Guaranteed to let you know why Shanté, yes, is super fresh
Never find another MC who can cope
Because ya best believe I'm as strong as dope
Knock out all the MC's that is in my way
You cannot qualify cause I am Shanté
Now my rhymes are so def that they call them tragic
Couldn't be part of the Crew without a touch of Magic
You best believe that the things I say
Made me rock and shock cause I'm Shanté
I came to tell you now just who I be
How I rock the place so viciously
Cause I'm a (Juice Crew Allstar)