Tragedy Khadafi
Define Yourself
[Verse 1: Tragedy]
If I could, I'd rewind back the hands of time
Foul sh*t, like when po' shot Porter with his 9
Like a child being blind to the ways of mankind
QB, the streets raised me, my whole state of mind
I just fall back, reminisce on this sometime
A lot of n***as pull snake moves, f**k it it's their loss
Write it, I live it, then place my pivot in my Air Force
Credit get felon, three strikes, fighting these jail wars
N***as going up north, we runnin' in their w****s
Inhale and exhale, a smoke and a swirl
Ol' heads shooting boy, gives ahead, sniff girl
Getting rocked on the block, you off point when you earl
When Shan and Marley Marl was touchin' the world tour
And I pulled a jux, that's how I got my first pair of Jordans
See I never chose this life, this life chose me
Ghetto apostle, soundtracks to the street

[Hook: Cormega]
Time to unify the belt
Time is money, utilize your wealth
Fate is something you decide yourself
Life is what you make it, you remind yourself
If you forget it, in the end you define yourself

[Verse 2: Cormega]
My name is spoken in places they weighin' coke
And if actions speak louder than words, how the f**k do you explain these vocals
My fate is chosen in unison when my baby growin'
Not facin' numerous cases, them days are over
I shed enough tears to measure the rains of Noah
When they subside, its clear, I'm much wiser
Some rhyme of drug tide, but very few can match my residue
Or resume, Mega's the truth
A lot of hearts get tested when the feds come through
N***as who did work start revealin' like forensic experts
Lyrically I'm humidity, you sweat in my verse
It's so dope you need a ma** when you measure it, what Mega spit
My phlegm was sent to the lab for evidence, and deemed inadmissible
I never flip, I represent to thoroughest weather in the belly of [?]
When asked for a real n***a to stand, I'm who the ghetto sent

[Verse 3: Havoc]
Look at my eyes, you see the bloodshot
Years of givin' n***as the blood clot
N***as snitchin', pointin' my mugshot
You see a fella's heart, 'specially when the gun pop
You be a man apart like Vin Diesel, this ain't a part
You cowards movie role, never let them [?] blow
You cowards faker than fools gold, the truth told
Nines on our d**ks, we don't do those
Never had to, you lyin' 'bout little sh*t like that
Imagine real sh*t, sh*t that can get you clapped
N***as takin' from you things that you can't get back
I'm talkin' 'bout your life on earth
To me, you n***as live as Smurfs, turn to blue when the gungle the work
I'm from a bloodline of felons, some hear the rest in heaven
It ain't a game, half of the clique is seven
Me and Mega come through like H2s
Get your camcorder ready, n***a it's breakin' news
Dog it's real