Tragedy Khadafi
First Day of Spring
[adlibs - Mobb Deep and Tragedy Khadafi]
F**k is that son?
Coming through, kid
Clique coming through
I don’t know that n***a right there…
C’mere, man!

Armed and dangerous
Form a cold swarm, fatal outcome
The mishap, couldn’t outrun and got clapped
Smarts and agility is what you lack
Yo, you buck at this and we buck right back (x2)

[Tragedy Khadafi]
‘Cause you’s a halfway
Thug that you portray
If you got locked, that a** probably come home gay
Smack blood out your mouth, what the f**k you say?
Break your feeble a** down, kid, you ain’t in my league
Forcin’ me to bless you with something you don’t need
Yo suborder, y’all n***as aughta watch your speed
Yo, word is born, I been doing this too long
To let you newborn thugs try to come on strong
Since a juvenile I been making streets hot
While I was runnin’ from cops you was practicing’ jump shots
World plant seeds in my mind, Strange Fruit
Survivalist, basing my life on rap loot
I blast one, won’t hesitate to splash one
Living every day in my life like it’s my last one
CNN, on again, pullin’ a fast one
Capone-N-Noreaga, the Infamous Mobb
Your team want beef? Then my squad’s on the job
CNN, War Report, guerrilla squad
Sh*ttin’ on my name? Speak blasphemy
Khadafi, I’m on a level that you can’t even see
Don’t get mad ‘cause your shorty gave that a** to me
Yo, you realize
Two-Five will still shine
In due time
We all involved with crime
Crime, yo, check it out, yo
Ayo, we bang like the Tunnel and jam like broken gate
100 and 0 - n***a, go check the stats
Q.B. - yeah that name hold weight and ring bells
All you n***as shook, and it ain’t hard to tell
Major clientele, the infamous cartel
Catch a buck fifty, gem star we scar well
Hard luck, got ga**ed up and starstruck
Then got stuck, in one stroke, the Mobb clutch
Laid up, sipping’ all types of sh*t, get your chick bent
Talk the b*t*h to death ’til there’s no info left
Homicidal klepto, like the lye leave ‘em petro
Regulate the metropolitan
N***as getting’ bodied and
In the lobby and
Lock the door, it ain’t safe kid
Take it how you take it
Grab a hold and embrace it