Tragedy Khadafi
[Verse 1: Large Professor]
Astonishing how I flip a mic and start bombin’ sh*t
Varnishing, paint on the wall with knowledge and
Wisdom, one, two, dip ‘em in the holy water
Rip it in the holy war, check ‘em into post mortem
Doc*ment, fresh direct Ralph Lauren hoodie
When I be on the West Coast rock with [?]
The limelight fry ‘em like five-fifty Fahrenheit
Fire mics daily with ninety-nine terabytes
Bangers, I pop up with new angles
In the maze, navigating this game, so far made loose-
And dead-ends, crystal mint, James Brown, there it is
Walking it, talking it, making it all connect
Through instinct, full of god, Iron Mike in the straight
Mosey up and away, grab your rosary
Hoes be all up in the mix tryna cake off
Or be left with crumbs in the end while I take all

[Verse 2: Inspectah Deck]
I’m straight boss, wave of my hand I make ‘em break North
I’m paid off, something like Bernie how I made off
Yours truly, got ‘em jumping like the horror movie
Sh*t your groupies move to couldn’t hardly move me
I’m that Beat Street Ramo with fuego
Pounds or pesos, don’t matter it’s all bueno
Pay close attention, mention my name: provoke tension
Bets in the game, there’s no question
This is Marco, Rebel on the job with the Large Pro
Lords of the Underground marked with the barcode
The Dark Knight, eyes on the city
Dimes on the sticky, overtime on my grissy
Mind on the moola, doola
Stepping with the superfly cougar and the personal Ruger
I’m through your brain like Hennessy black
Flow dawg, I’m a menace to rap, but stretching your crack

"Create astonishing lines"
"The flow is something amazing"

[Verse 3: O.C.]
Similar to Eastwood, roll in the gauntlet
Bulletproof bust but shots get to sparkin’
Create an idea, if there’s a problem I solve it
Maximize brain cells, glitter like garland
You can’t out-rap us, twenty-plus years been at this
Large Pro, I-N-S above average
This ain’t fire, this is arson
Big guns pointing at your toes, got rappers doing the Charleston
Breaking atoms send a spindle round your dome
When I hit ‘em, if I need help to Deck I shine a Wu emblem
M-Polo on the boss for dolo, whippin’ it like a Volvo
Picture this like a group photo
It’s a team effort, no need to fly solo
Bear witness, crown over mine, this would be the logo O.C
By design it was in the terrace
Simple A-U combined make it eighteen karat
[Verse 4: Tragedy Khadafi]
Gold bars, Libyan money, bloody the nozz
We the verbal gods, blow heat, discreet just to beat the odds
Exotic lodges, ménages, Khadaf is
Single-handedly murdering soloists and squadrons
This is vernacular, my poetry is spectacular
Bram Stoker choke the vocals of an amateur
Attack like terrorist plot from Afghanistan
African, we a pack of wolves, y’all a rack of lambs
Seven-and-one-half ounces of grand thoughts spilled
I’m like a shark with venom coming out of my gills
Behind enemy lines, ready for war still
Rhymes like extended clips spitting out of mack mills
Benevolent martyr, all my Gs scarred up
Mastered the art of these bars, word to the Father
Indigenous pharaoh, my thoughts travel
Like a hollow-tip through a barrel
Watch a universal battle
The magnum opus who’ll split an atom when he focused
We the t**ans in the cypher, y’all a bunch of roaches
Travel the Matrix in a time-portal spaceship
Visions of Euro stacks, better where my face is
Champion hoodie, shell-top with no laces
Queensbridge houses, nostalgic, most graces