Tragedy Khadafi
Khadafi Talks
[Intro: Tragedy Khadafi]
When we first started
Together on the first album
You know, The World Report
It’s like, I more or less had the general position
I was the general in the team
Or the infantry or however you want to term it
And you know, I’m not gonna they were like
I’m not gonna say they were soldiers
You know what I mean
But they were more like field n*ggas
You know what I’m saying
They was heavy in the field
They was deep in the streets and all that
I had more experience
You know what I’m saying
I had dropped intelligent hoodlum pride to that
I was with the juice crew and all that but
So when we came together
Like I said
I had more of the vision of where things should be
How it would go or whatever
But as time progressed each one of us
You know what I’m saying
Grew and at the same time they grew a lot more
So today now when we come together to the tables you know
We come together as not only just generals we all commanders now
You know everybody done built up their stripes and stars
And their resume speaks for theyself
Cuz if you look at it
Each one had their own level of success
And identified themselves as solo ent**ies
You feel me
As their own individuals
So now it’s a whole different type of aura it’s a whole
The cycle is complete now
And that’s what counts man
That’s why it’s the new 5 %
Not in terms of like we’re not trying to change the degrees
We’re not trying to change the lessons in terms of
You know what I’m saying
How we build as guards and all that or how the guards build with
Or the foundation of that
What we’re saying is
We’re the new 5% within ourselves
Like this is our new lessons in terms of where we came from
This is the new 5%
We’re us right now
You feel me
And that’s what we are