Tragedy Khadafi
3 on 3
Ride our n***as ride (whether it foreign ad our n***as gonna be high)
Ride our n***as ride (whether it foreign ad our n***as gonna be high)
Ride our n***as ride (whether it foreign ad our n***as gonna be high )

Ride ride ride whether it foreign and our n***as gonna be high
We and spot sh*t we making sh*t slide
Deep within rap now this is our pride
If you need hammers i will provide
Got to move out yea they will survive
Get them automated yea they will comply
All we ever want is to let that sh*t fly

[Verse 1:]
I’m goping to be honest I’m the mother fucjing truth
And you suppose to do duce truth to triple fact juice
The juice no bishop guns without a hiccup
Got to connect lined up at the pickup
Old school rolley faced the master cody still
Smoking a bogy ogi why canobi
He can still make a socks made of ostrich
Shorty blow me like an old school cartrade
N***as out like an old school mash pit
Like I’m in the macho possi
But the way I finally spit
Suck a d**k if you not sh*t
This is CNN lock sh*t
Whose on the key and a n***as on a pop sh*t
Not talk but the Glock did then i give a zipper head back
To the block kid


[Verse 2:]
Yea yea i line n***as up with no clippers juilette
Man even though i based in Queens I ain't a med faire
Make you eat the rockso no chicken and waffles
Kill you n***as we hostal
We ride on a n***a slide up on him like role bounce
Before you know see a break got to get off a whole ounce
I got down venues when a beef is on the menu
Those n***as will take the order
Duct Tape your daughter tape recorder i know life’s a b*t*h
Be thankful for her forefeet the game or take the slaughter
Thankful for forgiveness thank the Lord
War ready the cake is order or something else roll something for her
Oh yea CNN LSX that’s what they call her
Weed and a**ault rifles on a tour bus that’s the order

[Verse 3:]
Yow nowadays the workers ain't telling how
It's the connections by anything self respect
You were a church youth faced with death
I’m a rise until my casket drop my last breath
5 star general homie your life work
Make you life hurt
Splash mike with night work
Rockey before i die first
Gifted or cursed yea I’m a gifted rapper on earth
For what it's worth you ain't got a lot to me dog
History 57 and when they go with me it's going retard
Running around the hood like he ain't got a green card
Shagadorian jail yard yea yea
You got to see why i stayed
B*t*hes all around in fifty shades of gray
Weed on the table like little bales of hay
Yeah this is queens n***a you know we going to spray yeah