Tragedy Khadafi
NY NY Remix
[Verse 1: Tragedy]
Here we go yo
Queensbridge Houses nostalgic
Women I arouse them with foul sh*t
When I'm styling perpendicular
My insignia's Caligula
Bust on a b*t*h back & have a dime lick it up
Freeze the game paraplegic just like a stick up
Hip hop is never dead resurrect the thoroughbred
Iron pipes with triggers that bust hollow lead
Swift like a**a**ins yet smoother than bar-kays
Rhyme like the ghost of Frank Matthews from old days
Allah-U-Akbar the gem star for real pa
N***as better stay out my lane just like a parked car
Spit lines out of this world my bars touch Mars
Open up some Dutch cigars I break bread like denars
With these Vatican rhymes the pope'll get scarred
Black Motzart the flow odd is so hard
Conquistador conquer lands like I'm Bonaparte yo

[Hook: Kool G. Rap]
Land of legendary shooters, shakers, and movers
Cake getters ace spitters kid
Welcome to ny ny
Queens cat in the hoodie for the crack or
Dope sack from bing boogie
Welcome to ny ny
Shells no problem bk hell up in harlem hollis revolvin
Welcome to ny ny
Rikers to staten island they wildin stomach growlin we begat violence
Welcome to ny ny

[Verse 3: B.Free]
If you ain't from my city then you must be thinkin different
Hatin on my home you must be down right ignant
Don't think we hold it down that's just part of your figment
I smoke blunts with some n***as of different pigment
D.R. n***as from the Bx keep it real
My westchester white boys n***as know the deal
My BK oye's shout out to L.I
But I'ma always be a Queens n***a til I die
Who am I? Not that thug rapper you dreamed of
When I spit about the street man I spit that love
My thoughts and my knowledge what I made use of
Smoking pounds from the heights man I abuse drugs
But I gotta get back to facts of this rap
Run DMC Biggie put us on the map
There's so many of us but I know you figure that
Screaming NY NY city where you at?