Tragedy Khadafi
Camouflage Unicorns
[Verse 1 - N.O.R.E.]
These moissanite fake jewelry n***as, faker than they chain
The audio, the mix show, I still obtain
Queens legend, it's Nas then it's me
Anyone that disagree I'll smack em out they misery
Sixteen years, blood, sweat, and my tears
I wanna do a last "Report" for everyone that cares
Or maybe I'm just anxious like a dude for a settlement
Maybe people don't think that CNN is relevant
It's uphill battle, when you're still rich
And your first hit date back to '96
Like that y'all, it's like that y'all
I heard ahk, I told him rep Lefrak y'all
He said wait a year or two, you ain't gotta press me
He gon' f**k hoes for free, and get a little sexy
Yeah, he was right about that
And many years later, he still right about that
Cause I'm the Lefrak king, I don't care what you say to me
Say I don't make sense, cool, that's okay with me
Same n***as wanna hang all day with me
And DJs gonna play what I play
And I could break down everything that I say
Sutter Home Moscato that I drink everyday
And I be daydreaming in the night time
Feeling like a boxer when it's fight time

[Hook x2 - Havoc]
It's a uphill battle, y'all n***as probably hang up
Uphill battle, and my n***as never changed up
Uphill battle, son they pu**y and just play tough
My uphill battle, have you leaking on that pavement

[Verse 2 - Tragedy]
Fly, what I rock is murder, get indicted for what I wear
Life is beautiful, I cherish every breath of air
Disregard the past like I was never there
They try to run with my style like I was Fred Astaire
Yeah, robberies and Rovers
B*t*hes love Mahdi more than they love Sosa
Salute old boy OG soldier
Carrera shades on, Louis Vuitton loafers
Everything healthy, I stay fed
I hold toast, I ain't talking bout baked bread
Shake feds, no matter the odds we can make it
We been married the game, y'all still newlyweds
Militainment, 25, sh*t is sacred
I rock shades when my future look too bright
I rep the east, similar to Tru Life
Sh*t on your craps table, snake eyes, two dice
Supreme like Kenneth McGriff, all I'm seeing is green
Dirty Sprite, codeine got me on lean
For my g's with they dreams on a triple beam
Freedom ain't free but the money game mean
F**k your swag, we super fly
And my doors commit suicide
Never fall off, QB, Top of New York
Spit flames, c*cktail n***a like a Molotov
Self-made, student of the game
Killa Queens, I'm a boss, rep that at all costs