Tragedy Khadafi
Strange Fruit
[Verse 1: Tragedy Khadafi]
Subliminal thug-ism, rap mysticism
For all my n***as locked with life in state prison
We combinate, like dime piece and sperm jizm
Queens n***as goin' to trial, just sit and listen
Fake crooks come in all types of categories
Beat you in the head with lies and war stories
Claimin' that they name ring bells in territories
With Fat Cat, Al Capone, Scarface
Meanwhile, they goin' to trial for rape case
You weak, I punch you in face, cut your face
You halfway, wannabe thug, stay snitchin'
Latin King, surgery-type with face stichin'
The house game, missile style, play in the kitchen
Allow me a God, for real, it's Allah position
Performers, weak convicts you shouldn't fool wit
They foul, snitchin' on the n***as they went to school wit
But now, you catch them in the club on some smooth sh*t
Shuh-poww!! Blow 'em out the frame on some prove sh*t
I'm not the type of cat you wanna fool wit
It's strange fruit, yo

[Hook: Tragedy Khadafi (Pete Rock) x2]
The world plant seeds in my mind, strange fruit
Survivalist, basing my life on rap loot, it's the truth
(The world plant seeds in my mind, strange fruit
Survivalist, basing my life on rap loot, it's the truth)

[Verse 2: Cappadonna]
Aiyo, the world plant seeds in my mind, then it's dart time
They used to be crime, scary hours, robberies and big chrome nines
In Park Hill, when the cameras don't never be off
I live inside the TV, these words is hot sauce
Put your mind back together, Killa Bees of course
Church in the studio, life you can't abort
Pete Rock and Don make the world pay child support
You under arrest for givin' out stress, I'm not settlin' for less
Each bags? Midtown, in the Wild, Wild West
Representin' some deep impact
Aluminum Wu bat, I got it like dat, slang combat
I plant two seeds in your head, kid stand back
(What? What? What?)

[Hook x1.5]

[Verse 3: Sticky Fingaz]
N***a you know better, I blow three thru ya 'Lo sweater
F**k what you think, I'm bustin', you blink
N***a see me in the club, start duckin' and tuckin' they link
Like I resorted to robbin' n***as for table scraps
In the hood we do away with cats
And in the river threw away the gats
Everywhere I go turn crime scene, knowhatimean?!?
Don't make me trip, make me flip
Be so much bloodshed, you think I'm Crip
Even before I signed the contract, I always was respected
Couldn't give a f**k if I never sold another record
I ain't in it for the cream, as wild as it seem
Battle me and win? hahahah! In your dreams!
I'm still a young n***a, straight up dumb n***a
For no apparent reason, pull out the gun n***a
It's not the drugs n***a, I just a thug n***a
So whatcha wanna swallow, your pride or blood n***a?!?