Tragedy Khadafi
Milk Murder (Tribute)
(Murder talking)
Warriors come out
Yeah, yeah, I like that
I like how you did that right there
All my warriors come out man
Yeah, it's Milk Murder is in the sh*t
Bout to burn it down man, get the extinguisher
Yo Mahdi I got it son (Let's go, let's go)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Milk Murder]
Yo, all your tough talk gots to stop
You'll learn when you lock the shop
All n***as will pop your top for your rocks and watch
Put you in the box to rot
Or when the n***as blast you
You betta stop and guap, yo my block is hot
Live where nobody is fearing to coming to death
Pop you in your mouth for mumbling none of your breath
Got the streets down pack, I'm running down rats
And my n***as down cats wit a hundred round Mac
I catch you at a red light and cruise you
After I shoot you I'ma put your Lex bubble in neutral
And you roll down the street till you crash and die
Drive thru the crime scene like I'm pa**ing by
Every mashing guy is like matching flies
Made moves outta town now we pa**ing pies
And we all bang for the set, reach for that chain
That hang from my neck, put your brains on the deck
Soon as I step in the club demand the stage
N***as put down the mic, you ain't down to fight
You sounding tight n***as I'll burge and f**k cracks
I'm the swervendy, big Suburban truck cat
You treat the rap game like death's involved
Spit acid, I'll make your vest dissolved
When I step outta my projects Beast Mode
Heat disclosed heat seeker seeking fold
If it's beef in the streets then I creep wit fold
Got the dope on the block that'll reap your nose
Push the purest powder, nicks n dimes
Make it snow on the strip before Christmas time
I'm the most wanted FED target
Yo they see me in the stretch Denali chauffeured in the red carpet
Mad cuz I made it, it's bad they hated
Cross my path hit that a** n***as evaporated
I know a few secrets and it's sad to say it
Yo these rappers is faggots infatuated
I did it the hard way and caked off 8 balls
Locked the strip like New York State Laws
Hate snake halls, despise fake n***as
Up North a year in the box that'll break n***as
You dudes neva seen this life, my team is shiest
Bark real loud wit the meanest bite
I'm the stickman; I stick willies when they shine
Hitman put a Mack-millie to your spine
You inch one move, I'm sending you to Heaven
I'm the red bandana aging two-eleven
Death is y'all go Murder not pursuing it
Either respect me or either die not doing it
Catch you in the crib while you're f**king a sl*t
Then put 30 in your buck while you're busting a nut
You don't want nuttin' wit us, it's Tomkins foreva
Get a certified mud-hole stomped in your leather
How you gon' stop me now? Milk Murder
The gorgeous gangsta, papi down
Crooked cops can't lock me now
Oh you n***as forgot me when b*t*h suckaz watch me now
You ain't betta then me so let's not bother
Frankly I only feel S. Carter
N***as in red dots are headshot harbor
Hundred yards away your head pop harder
Bed-Stuy lock your turf, don't drop your skirt
Just suck it to the top pop and swerve
Hating n***as wishing I was locked and murked
I'm about to rock the Earth and when I drop it hurts
You hatahs can't stand the pain, can't stand the rain
Understand I demand the reign
Drop six is gon' be the cover of candy cane
I'm OG you still bandana bane
Catch Murder eating lobster on Bourbon Street
Excursion hopped the curb, no words I'm brief
I don't got a whole lot to say
Why is that? Real recognize real 20 blocks away
When you see me in the streets and I'm sliding by
I just might let you get inside the ride
And get brains till my mind is clear
And after that my whole clique is on the line for theirs
We gon' take turns on you
Then put you on the strip make n***as flip the cake they earn on you
I neva been afraid to chase after doe
That's fo'sho collect after pa** and go