Ryan Oakes

No plane train girl, you got the floor swept
It's 1 AM and I'm at your doorstep
Thinking if I'm gonna win you over
'Cause we're never sober
And I don't wanna forget
Those late nights and the early mornings
We keep repeating and it's never boring
I keep on falling for you over and over
You're a four-leaf clover
In a beautiful sundress

Hold me close, don't ever let me go
To the only place I know, I'm sick of going cold
I've got a heart of stone, and yours, it's made of gold
You bring me to my knees, I might as well propose
You never know

My walls are caving in, my heart and soul
I'm left exposed for you to grab a hold
I'm halfway naked, you take off my clothes
And take me home against your skin and bones

Bleak stare and she's covered in tattoos
A nice girl with a hint of an attitude
She's pouring drinks early every afternoon
She's got me ready to jump in with no parachute
Inside a fire and it caught me by surprise
I'm lost up in this spark I'm seeing inside your eyes
Outta my shell, you got me feeling the butterflies
Now it's no wonder why, feel like I wanna fly

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