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"Not Today"

I see n*ggas who didn't rep sh*t, repping the victories on status
Yeah,  I drop singles and girl you know it, more like your marital status
I  love the perspe, y’all should be working, rather than talking and famzing
I'm talking content, you incoherent
Rather than faking, I'm making
Moves  on a low, jobs on a blow and I’m not talking pervasion
You  sending e-mails, my sh*t on voice mail cos I think outside the inbox
Spotlight I passed off, you're out here taking, I thought you studied your torts
The  Chairman be stealing, the money be missing, but Mide found all of his peace
You stole my money, you changed your wardrobe
Boy, you still look like my gateman
My heart is large, my ego is big, that's why think I'm conflicted
Conflict  of laws, conflict of mind, you think you got a faculty?
Those of you checking my portal page, I hope you find what you missing
Your shots are cheap, and yeah you know it, more like your monthly allowance
I talk real stories, I talk depression, also surprised I got fans
And although Wendy, I never met you, I hope you rest in the Lord No soul is perfect, no soul is worth it, we all just end up in mud
We all just end up in mud

We all just end up in Mud
We all just end in Mud

Mide Johnson:
I'll erase the x, and add sunshine to the ray
I owe that kid on Ede Road a freestyle even after a bad day
I owe you the beat, even if it's been paused for me to play
I owe you the vocals, even when there's nothing to say
I owe the god of failure one response, however
Not today, not ever

Not todayyyyyy
Not todayyyyy
Not today
Not today

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