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Royce da 5'9'’

"Rap Sh*t"

[Verse 1: Liquid Assassin]
I was born, bred to go to war with a pen
Imported from orbit my origins [?]
Tryin' to [?] every orifice distorting my oral [?]
Control me with foreign trends and [?]
These bars like something out of a brawl fight
For your death we gonna breathe on the mic and evolve life
[?] in every song that I write
No stars and stripes 'cause my only salute is to Sean Price
I do my thing in this music
The way I'm movin' like K.A. produced it
Drums are abusive [?]
There's nothing to it for dudes just embrace the movement
Get brutally executed refusing music I pay my dues with
f*cking spazz on these haters
Something I had was patience
Alienated like I came from a damn spaceship
Basically landed on this planet and plantation to fix what you damaged because you rappers just can't save it

[Verse 2: Royce da 5'9"]
This ain't a pop song, this here is the basics
I'm taking these fools back to when dudes was breaking
But don't get it confused, what was in the movie Breakin'
Them n*ggas was confused and that movie looking [?]
f*ck you gon' dance for?
I could just [?] leave him layin' on the dancefloor
This is where I came from, stone washed jeans, shell toes, big [?]
Same place I got the [?] from
Bangin' Daddy Kane, DMC just to name some
Thinkin' bout Slick Rick when I get my chains done
All around the world it's the same song
Euros for your vinyl, [?] some dollars for your ringtone
Digital bootlegging no matter what you sayin'
They gon' get get it no matter 'cause you payin'
I've been quiet I had to tie up some loose ends
The world wide web is my new friend

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