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Royce da 5'9'’

"Heaven Cipher pt.1"

[A -Minus]

[Seven the General]

Ha ha Aye

Look  at these n*ggas with attitudes
f*ck  em it’s never no gratitude
Let the mac Clap & get back in the malibu
100 shot strap with the bracket to let it cool

Running  thru the sack
Ndamukong  man suh
7 Mile & Ever Forever get han-dled
Run  up in yo spot with the mop
And them Candles (Boom)

Whipping wit the Stick
I’m in the trenches getting Cho
Got  Some n*ggas wit me
Into hittin licks & Kickin Does

Got some b*tches trickin
Strippin taking offa they clothes
In the kitchen mixin
Tryin to stretch a ticket, n*gga cold

Hustle off my in veins that’s all that I know
Big 40 on me
I’m wrong as all the outdoors

My phone be bumping
My block be thumping I’m ON

From the Votrobecks
Yo b*tch chocha wet
Tu Cabron

Run up in yo sh*t
For them Bricks
Get yo b*tch tied up

Knock a n*gga down
With this b*tch
He won’t get back up

Foe-teen in that bag right there
n*gga pick that up

Pick that up!


[Quincy Bank$]


[Supreme Flows]

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