True, you're a star in my head
You, nuh need fi raise war with my friends
True, you're so bad, we don't need to pretend
But I don't want war with you or my friends

You're my best friend
You're my best friend
We stay true, probably can party again, yeah, yeah
Because, true, you're my best friend

All the way 'round, I'm loyal
I got money on me and I'm loyal
I got money in my pocket, I'm loyal, ooh
Pain goes away when I'm tipsy
Pain goes away when you're with me (Me)
Even when your troubles all look risky
It's all under control

Shawty, just don't let this go (Just don't let this go)
We spent the last three summers on the road (Spent the summer on the road)
We get it on and then you go
I just don't want any war (No war)
No one at home
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