Memories lyrics


Remember when we were younger I used to sneak out
All alone saw the police lights and ran back home
Mamma always told me that then boys is always out to get me
Yeah! Yeah!

(H2o verse)
Clip on the hip when I roll my weed ain’t a n***a with a badge and a gun gone come F***in’ with me
I been on my s**t I’m a stack my chip I’m a plant my seed
Grown man no playin I’ m a show you n***as
Yeah they all gone see
While I’ m out here duckin’ the ops and the black and white
Late nights under moonlights watchin out for red and blue lights
Got thе fiends high watch em take flight
Yеah! Yeah!
Tryin’ to make a mil and live that good life
Yeah! Yeah!
Make a transition outta that hood life yeah!

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