Too Young To Die Too Proud To Cry (Demo)


[Verse 1]
The city of L.A. is where it start
Vatos from my varrio
Can't be stopped
Some say this
Some say that
It's not where you from
It's where you’re at
Torcido and you ain't nothing but a punk
Veneno wrote you up
So you nothing but a chump
Dos trece
In the varrio that's loco
Ask any varrio
Cause their homies get smoked to the ground
And they ask how it sound
And always find me firme
Dropping sh*t from the underground
Hoover park
Just like that
This is where I'm from
And this is where I'm at
Mucha gente sabe
Just what I be saying
Cause in my crazy varrio nobody be playing
Wanna run up?
You'll know whats up
Surenos, straight f**k sh*t up
Cause I'm a thug
Not a pu**y cat
Little f**king trucos
Straight pimps like a mack playing b*t*hes
Something like a spell
Tumbado so the shortys wanna dwell
The mighty 2-1-3 is on the map
I'm pimping some converse
And a fitted L.A. Cap
Getting older, getting high
One more time
Too young to die too proud to cry
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