Pac Div
[Verse 1: Like]
You keep talking this new west
But dude we been there, you left
Still pouring henny, doing our two steps
OGs, YGs, millionaires, hugh-hefs, young bosses
Since a little kid been dreaming to run office
Along with my compadres we doing this here all day
Y'all play, we all working
What y'all working? Oh you job searching?
You talking to the wrong person
I just seen my little homies at the mall jerking
It brings a smile to my face, know we all working
And guess what? We got busy once you all deserted
As long as the love is the mix, we all deserve it

Let me show you what it feels like
What it feels like
Get in, we just rollin', rollin', rollin'

[Verse 2: BeYoung]
Steppin out the house ashy
[?], how I do it? never ask me
Skating in the caddy, the car wash from [?]
My n***a got a baby pet, we finna hit the Petco
Let's smoke, roll with me, we only roll sticky
Back to back, rap to rap, smoke the whole fiddy
Fuck 'em up real quick, had to phone Nipsey
Watch a n***as taking back like cold Mickeys
Make it funky [?] all Dickies
Lil n***as slapbox outside sticking
Got determinated, dipping through the whole city
Cali's finest, get the dope quickly

[Verse 3: Mibbs]
I can't get enough of this LA life
This 4-5 traffic, money hungry bitches
Kush in all classes
No need to ask girl, you know where max live
West coast, left coast, home of the Pac Div
Out in Manhattan beach, canvas sneakers
Pouring cognac for my man who deceased
No rest, no sleep in this scandaling streets
It can be broad daylight n***a handle your beef
Ain't no feeling better than couping with no ceiling
With money like a trap star, no dope dealing
[?], got the home feeling
You know 64 impala with the chrome inching