Pac Div
Doin’ Somethin’
[Intro: El Prez]
Ayo, this the words from the Prezident, El Prez
I’m here with the rest of the newest New West
Blu, Pac Div, U-N-I, J*Davey, Tiron, Ayomari
Ay y'all, let's keep going

[Hook: U-God]
A n***a gotta live
A n***a gotta live
A n***a gotta live
A n***a gotta live

[Verse 1: Like]
Yeah, Killa Cali
Up top like a n***a fouled me, playin park ball
Something like a young Nate Archibald
The weight of my art's drawn's like Warhols, ugly like warthogs
We gather round sports bars and court yards
Lookin for double D’s like bad report cards
She lookin for millionaires with sports cars
She end up with broke n***as and porn stars
School never meant much
Rather kick rhymes and count big bucks
Rather hit dimes who got big butts
Rather get miles, we just live once, why not get it?
These labels are in business to get bucks
Moral of the story – don’t get fucked
Mr. Right to impress your mind
But we gotta cut it short cause I'm pressin' time
[Verse 2: BeYoung]
Said I always been a man plus none of my girls had the flat ass
Then let the Jim Carrey bat 'em like my ass
I’m a permanent stain up on yo brain
That made up Love Supreme, no John Coltrane
Saluting to lieutenant, I play the earth, wind and fire
Minus the water, call me Captain Planet
Creator of the earth and the giver of rain
I strike thunder in your lightning, n***a watch what you say
And pray to Allah
Can’t even begin this, servin' Ds, I hope you’re taping this
Minus Mariah, fucking bitches, Nat Turner this
Ay, born in that dirty South
And the flyest Eritrean don’t believe in you atheists

[Verse 3: Blu]
Uh, ayo, what you call God on a rap?
Wu-Tang laid in the shade like hair tracks, toupee
Kool-Aid, potter in the pond, something wrong?
Young tongue hung like drawers, laundry
Pecan, rewind sunshine, ganji
Mind need sodoto, yo, prol'ly
Blu uses space bar, hot technology
Got 80 babies on they Viacom, stop me
Breeding rain goes to riot, comes tsunamis
Blue beach, we get it in the mist, karate
Chop beats meets the aki, knock knees
Blocks like keys but we unlock these
Buy lean, how could you say that they not G?
Weight of the world on these shoulders, spot me
[Verse 4: Mibbs]
Parallel parking, no power steering
Clearing, air it and there in a bang in a spot
Beaming like I'm Captain Kirk, what up Scott, ock?
Guess I'm harpin', layin', killin' birds that mock, rock
With a cold heart, Griselda Blanco
See bankroll through peepholes
Peeping Tom, no pesos, payroll turns me on
Like a Pornhub slut, spatulation talk with nuts
Dick up in her windpipe, ass right, cheese right
So what it is? Tryna live what like this
Minus bitch n***as that go like they made from a rig

[Hook: U-God & Y-O]
A n***a gotta live (A n***a gotta live)
A n***a gotta live (Said a n***a gotta live)
A n***a gotta live (A n***a gotta live)
A n***a gotta live (A n***a gotta live)

[Verse 5: Y-O]
You can’t talk slick to a can of oil
You can’t talk fly shit to a falcon
She looked and said "Mike, you're so cool"
I say, "You're damn right, bitch, buy my album"
Throw a n***a on the blog and I rock thousands
Yeah, n***a on his job but I'm not Calvin
Zoomin' it up, I whip the emblem with the black stallion
Got these bitches and I'm in the middle like Malcolm
Triple X rated, we from the West baby
Today I'm getting high, homie I'm frustrated
Cause I want success, I guess I'm just anxious
It's always on my mind, I feel like a fuckin rapist
[Verse 6: Thurzday]
Ooh, uh (What that n***a say?)
I aspire to be iconic, and it's ironic
How I can get out of pocket like your wallet
In my city with no college and a fitted, feelin like I hit a Philly
Really high, nah, not really, but kinda like it though
Five Michael flow, peace to Weezy out of Rikers
But I'm writin for them lifers that unlike me had a writer’s block
Or lack of an Iverson cross so maybe guidance talkin' to 'em
In that lightin' which I'm walkin', so I kick that
You call it science, lyin' like I ain't applyin'
This shit like religion, listen, n***as stuck on the pivot
I’m shootin and hittin' every shot and I ain't even hot yet
Sizzling shit, get fizzling bitch

[Verse 7: Jack Davey]
I roller skate backwards, sick like cancer
Dirty rat bastard, bow to the master
Take, take, take it, if you want it, I’ll give it
I’ll kill it for sure man, come get with it

[Verse 8: Brook D'Leau]
Pack up the bong, bang a gong, get it on
Limitless lumps 'fore the chumps get gone
Aggressive so it may seem wrong
It’s major, hit the sky highwave pager
Lowlife poster, hash in my ashtray
Roasted, West Coast shit, let’s toast it
Feelin' ferocious, just my fife
The bug to write excites the low life
Guess who? That guy in
Like eggs on grits, bitch ask a friend
You smoking, serves gangs with a third brain
Base palms hard is the main thing

[Verse 9: TiRon]
I break bread, ribs, hundred dollar bills
Peel out buckets with the Daytons for the wheels
The block get hard, n***as bangin' like Shaquille
Them fishy ass n***as, we just shake 'em from the real
Slake 'em when we bill wipe, thinkin with the mil
My n***as at the table but you fake it and you squeal
Now shake it with the broad, it’s just Jason in the thrill
A southern Cal n***a but my fragrance from Brazil, steel
Catch me out in Austin with the Texas toast
Them thick white girls get ahead and vote
It was written, we was leavin' with the freshest quotes
Gotta live, we get it off the chest and go (Go, go, go) and go

[Verse 10: Ayomari]
Let me go, let me go, let me go, let me go, let me go
Better open the door
Don’t put it on should a old n***a go, n***a go
Better roll for the coast
Hope that it boast to the floor 'fore the time you reach to dive
When you look in her eyes and proceed to say if we should die
Now, what will it be? What will it be? What could it be?
Tribune, what could it be?
My shoe size fuckin huge, now could it be, huh?
Better head back to the beehive, we died and got returned, huh?
Believe these creeps, please flee quicker than you work, huh?
Punk n***a leave no bird trail, no fingerprints, no perfume
You c-can’t compare to the debonair
Then we better duck, dog double dare
County got no challenges, I don’t even know 'bout child n***as
Now we smoke, fill all the whips up, please excuse these amateurs