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Steven Malcolm

"Oh My God (Remix)"

Oh - My - God
Oh - My - God
Oh my, oh my, oh my God
Oh - My - God
Oh my, oh my God
Oh my, oh my
Oh - My - God
Oh my God
Oh my, oh my, oh my God
Oh - My - God
Oh my, oh my God
Oh my, oh my
Oh my

VERSE ONE - (Kyle Alexander)
I Been through a lot in my
I guess that’s my lot in life
Folks they rock with you
Then they turn they back now
Their salty I’m kinda like Lot with that life/
Look man I just stuck to the code/
I just been real from the go/
I done bought sneaks and sold them for thousands of dollars one thing not for sale is my soul
I turned over a new leaf no I’m feeling great
Still they debate about my change is it real or fake
Before rap I did finance for Real Estate, what’s that mean, I know how to put you in your place
Drew wanted me to say no cap on the record
Everything I spit is facts no cap on my records
The present is avenging all my past like I’m Cap for the record
I still take a knee to pray Like Colin Kap for the record
I use to live for opinions from people that did not give 2 cares about me
Success comes they crowd me/when I lose they doubt me
They softer than downy
My wave it might drown thee/young king you should crown me
I broke through your offensive lines I’m Jadaveon Clowny/I see all you lames/I peep all your games/your energy off and I don’t want you round me ugh/
I took all of the pain my past
And the memories from that hurt
And I broke it all down
Then I put it in a bullet
Then I loaded up the clip in my mind
Took Aim and I
Bang at the little thangs
And the little Gang
That was in my Brain
Saying stay the same
Blew em out the frame
Tired of playing games
Cause I had to change
Gave it all to God and he changed it
Cause I know that he delivers


VERSE TWO - (Steven Malcolm)
1991 was so pivotal
It’s like a lifetime ago that I knew
Mama was lookin good daddy was scoping
The outcome was me in 2 months
For daddy that just was too much
But mama she loved me too much
She took that $200 hundred told him she was leaving he told her Forget it
I’m wit it, you wit it
Now that I’m here
Don’t get caught in the light
If that boy think he dare
Humble yourself before you catch a pair
Fruit of the spirit he made it appear
Hit’em wit the flow I got
Then I pop
Spit it till my body gon drøp
In defending an infinite product like
Shout out to canon he told me to treat the flow
Precious wit pressure
Don’t be a diamond up on a white sheet
Then forget about yo message
Only the real survive
I feel like I’m built to ride
Load up 45 then light up the other side
You know how I be getting when talking bout my freedom
Freedom in a leader who coming n interceding
Everybody want delete I treat’em
I intervene’em when I feed’em
Then I rip it wit the venom
My lethal weapon
The pen n the pen n pad been definitive
N the benefits infinite
N the heaven lit intimate
Wit my living I reminisce
What did I get from the past life?!?

VERSE THREE - (Emcee N.I.C.E.)
Before I was a veteran
Kraftin every single way to bring the cheddar in
Everyday with the pen I was lettering
Knowing I was better than
Those I was measuring
Saying to myself
I just want - to - be - the - one - you - can't define
You can't deny
Or stand behind
And pantomime
To harvest mine
Like basil thyme
And I not look at you crazy
My father had a better plan
When I opened up and let him in
It was clear that I was born again
Ready to fight whoever questionin’
Hold Up
Wait a minute
Back it up
Let me spin it, (yeah!)
Robin hood with the crossbow, the apostle with an odd flow taking out the hostile...
Yeaaaah! I'm shouting from the hill with lauren killing'em softly
And you Marvel at my Venom, when i'm spillin that coffee
See i'm nobody's fool ask whoopi and tika
Black moses with the tablets, yes!,yes!,yes! I'm a believer
I-I-I-I'm so Pha-rell, but ain't no lines of these blurred
Spirit be Strummin like Santana when I deliver these words
I get this feeling in my core when I praise everyday
Then hit'em with a little bit of rhythm like, like, every way
My God!

VERSE FOUR - (Peazy)
Let’s be honest K A brought the heat
This money in the bag I’m Chester Cheese
Use to break it down roll it up Christopher Reeves
Was all about that pizza dough cheese
Now that was a metaphor iron sharpen iron what you wanna metal for
Still not the one to metal wit turn a street dude to settlements
Guess the impact is settling...
All started when I noticed I hated myself
Reflect God that's greatness. said it yourself
Stay in ya lane shadow don't get ahead of ya self
Ima dream junkie I said it myself
I don't care if John Givez me the stamp or not
That fire works like July 1st random pops
I'm black and I'm proud that's beleaf in my Melanin
Lance Armstrong spent my whole life petaling. Til I ball out
I'm giggling really it's riveting really
Wit a uni verse we painting the city
That's God flow if you hearing me clearly
And if it ain’t from the mud ain’t getting wit me
I’m blessed. Got you perplexed. I am not stressed. I’ll never regret. Won’t hesi a sec
Just go at they necks
Red dot that’s the headshot like
Blaow x5
It’s hustle pray eat
7 days without prayer makes one weak
One day the worlds gonna be at his feet (Yuh)
Y’all living like dear in the headlights
If I died now I’d be dead nice
Y’all can’t break me shake me nor altar my life
That’s only for.... oh. My God


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