Crush Linen
Hook [Lake]

Crush linen, ice, women
Stems, pimps, bubble Benzes
Syringes, Cartier lens'es
I'm not in the game, I'm in the business

I live for the rush, I love to thug
N***as out for they double up, scuff 'em up
I'm stocky, rock Armani
Fleeces with the beefs and broccolis
Catch me at the lobby, dice game schemin'
Come with a demon and leave with five g's even
Even, blingin in the court room
In my beige, bubble goose snorkel
I'll extort you, in the pens
For your Coogi hat, and your blue Timbs
When I bid, I'm on it
Have your man singing love songs standing on top of the toilet

Hook 2x

La-key, the K-I-D
Had the head detective Connely, following me
Black Gotti of Queens, nobody snitchin
Chillin in the cut, Crush Linen
Goodfella in it, drug sellin and sh*t
Caught a violent offence, now they smellin my p*ss
But I Chardonay it, Courvoisier it
Chop nice size point nine dimes and weigh 'em
Digitally, I literally
Changed the history of QB when I was eighteen
Now I lean in a cream BM
Listening to beats, sippin premium gin
Mobb style I don't smile in flicks
I pose whole and cocaine and four-fifths
To the soldiers, stuck in trojans
On the V-I floors, my condolences

Hook 2x

V-S-O-P, stress and greed
Sling packs in the gra** as I run from D's
Chicks stratch my B with housing keys
I allow you to eat cuz ya feeding me
I empower the streets with Machevellism
I don't care what I tell none of these n***as
My tolerance, is like Solomon's
After seven years of locking out and locking in
Live official, p*ss Cristal
And only sh*t halal food and fish out
Avoid crowded places, out of town faces
Cops, and being in spots where I caught cases
My fortay, is chopping up yay
And stickin n***as for thick platinum big chains
I'm like Bugsy and Bumpy
Cuz I run these streets and get money
Hook 2x