The Firm
DJ Clue The Firm Freestyle
(Foxy) uh, uh huh, huh y'all cats ain't ready for the firm

Uh, dats right, uh, uh huh, Brooklyn sh*t

[Foxy Brown]
All y'all hoes wanna stop my chips
Stare a b*t*h down when I rock my whips (Uh!)
Knowin' that you hate me on the low, c*ck block by d**k
Stick me for the ice on my wrists
Keep the chrome fifth, make you so sick
Y'all hoes give me honestly no choice but to sh*t
'Ficially Firm, no extra sh*t, no surprises
No disguises, no Foxes, lil Nases
Strictly Fam Fam, AZ, Mega, Na Na, Nas Esco for ever
When y'all hoes is in the range, ain't no tamin' y'all
I'm still a young b*t*h and I'm ashamed of y'all
Mad cuz they know no clique claimin' y'all
And y'all hoes is like f**k me, the same to y'all (That's right)
And I really got no time to play no games with y'all
And if I feel like sh*ttin' on y'all, I'm namin' y'all (Uh!)
If I'm soundin' kinda harsh, please ignore me
Not to stop ya rhyme flow, but y'all mixtape shorty
The nerve of y'all hoes tryna gail me
And uhhhh, ya broke b*t*h, what the f**k ya tryna tell me?

(Nas) where ya 4X(singing) where ya at n***a?
The boss of the bosses
Rhymes in my mind like it's pearls and oysters
Jew-els, you jel' 'cause we bail in Porsches
Of course it's The Firm, this court is adjourned
My thoughts is to burn y'all little Nases
Middle guys is mouthin' off
I wanna speak to y'all leaders, you bump and smoke cheeba
I shoot 'em in my two seater
Yo, he's a worst clown
Than Jamie Fox with his first down, burst rounds
If ya made of what it takes to stay paid
I'm in the tre-tre, double-o, cuzo
Guzzlin' Don, twistin' my dro, my drugs, yo
Glistenin' um... Rollie platinum like my records
My wallet be mad brolic
From Queensbridge Projects, the hottest
Still real like Comstock is
Hoes lovin' the d**k, I'll smuggle my wrist
To remind me of the days when it was nothin' like this
I used to bust a nut on my fist
Imaginin' it was some lips suckin' my d**k
Now I'm handcuffin' my chicks
And yours too, layin' back, gettin' the oral
In the back of the four-two-zero
Y'all better respect Black DeNiro
Have ya crew graff a mural, of ya face with a halo
On your building, on your block where you stay low
End your career, n***as like "Remember him? Yeah"
N***a f**ked with Esco, the emperor
Thought I might have pa**ed you Cris
Yo, a n***a pa**ed, you p*ssed
Made the wrong move, now the n***a a** is his
We The Firm, baby boys, y'all are some pacifists
Keep the facts about real life and death situations
Mack with real ice, rings, his breath taken
See me floss with w****s, juggle wears and doors
The crew, papa, Commissioner Stoute and you, Zaza
Gatherin' thoughts up in the 12 bedroom casa
Lit cigars on our way to see the opera
Up in the balcony, with the one-lense binocular
Black and white tuxes, black hustlers, f**k with us
Firm business, let's discuss this